Review Policy

I Accept Requests From

  • authors
  • those who officially represent an author
  • self-published authors

If you are an author or publisher, please take the minute it'll take to read my review policy.  It just wastes everyone's time when I get requests that clearly fall outside of what I review.  Thank you.

Books I Read & Review

  • young adult
  • middle grade
  • contemporary fiction
  • historical fiction
  • fantasy
  • paranormal romance
  • urban fantasy
  • sci-fi
  • dystopian
  • nonfiction
  • memoirs/biographies

Books I Don't Review

  • a book featuring vampires or zombies
  • graphic novels/manga
  • self-help
  • poetry
  • horror
  • religious

My Policies

  • I am currently not accepting e-copies.
  • I accept ARCs and finished copies.
    • I like to do interviews to accompany a review, as well as a giveaway.  Please indicate if these two things are possible.  Thank you.
      • Note: I am willing to interview an author only if I've read a book of theirs.  No exceptions.
    • I am willing to participate in blog tours and hops.
    • I will not read a series out of sequence.  So, if I have not already read them, I must be provided with the prequel(s) or given time to get them and read them by my own means.

    My Reviews

    • My reviews will reflect my true opinion.
      • I am happy to accept review requests, but I will write my reviews honestly.  I will act professionally.  I expect the same in return.
    • I do not receive compensation for my reviews.
    • I never post spoilers in my reviews.
    • I provide:
      • the summary
      • page count
      • edition
      • publication date
      • publisher
      • rating (out of five stars)
      • how I received it
      • series name and titles (if applicable)
    • Reviews will be posted within a week of its publication date.  If it has already been published, I reserve the right to post my review at my earliest convenience.

    amelia dot theauthoress at gmail dot com

    updated 7/1/15