From the Desk of the Authoress

Wherein I share three template pet peeves and offer some solutions.

How To Customize Your Navigation Bar

Wherein I share, step by step, how to create your very own navigation bar and customize it to your liking.

Top 5: Good Books With Bad Covers

Wherein I share five books that I enjoyed but whose covers were a bit of an eyesore.

Tips to Instantly Improve the Look of Your Blog

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Top 5: Bad Books With Good Covers

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I Do Blog Math (Hell Froze Over)

Wherein I realize that math is not only useful sometimes, but can be surprisingly fun and insightful, too.

My Bookish Things from A-Z

Wherein I share my extensive list of book boyfriends, admit to how many bookcases I own, and share the most random book quote ever.

The Book Blogger Test

Wherein I share my top three literary pet peeves, ignore a question, and share a picture of my favorite book shelf.

The Abundance of Irrelevant Physical Descriptions

Wherein I point out that describing a character's dreamy looks to within an inch of their life is pointless, repetitious, and extremely dull.

Send Sticky Stickers to Hades

Wherein I appeal to the greater good of humanity not to put stickers on books that leave god awful residues behind.

Does Swearing Sell?

Wherein I ponder the presence of swear words and a book's reception in the world.

Hero versus Heroine

Wherein I ask: "Do we read for the heroine, or the hero?"