29 December 2014

Prophecy by Ellen Oh

The greatest warrior in all of the Seven Kingdoms... is a girl with yellow eyes.

Kira’s the only female in the king’s army, and the prince’s bodyguard. She’s a demon slayer and an outcast, hated by nearly everyone in her home city of Hansong. And, she’s their only hope...

Murdered kings and discovered traitors point to a demon invasion, sending Kira on the run with the young prince. He may be the savior predicted in the Dragon King Prophecy, but the missing treasure of myth may be the true key. With only the guidance of the cryptic prophecy, Kira must battle demon soldiers, evil shaman, and the Demon Lord himself to find what was once lost and raise a prince into a king.

Intrigue and mystery, ancient lore and action-packed fantasy come together in this heart-stopping first book in a trilogy.

It started when I accidentally checked out the second book in the series (Warrior).  The idea of this series seemed sound -- girl assassin, a demon slayer no less, and a world on the brink of destruction -- but the execution of it was sloppy. 

The main character's voice was not strong, cheapened as it was by a "telling" kind of writing style.  The potential was there for a complex, dynamic character in that here is a woman in a sea of men with a mountain of responsibility thrust on her shoulders, but Kira came off as childish.  Also, the relationship between her and her betrothed bothered me because his "you're so different from other girls" routine is painfully cliche now.  I expected more depth and creativity.

I was often distracted by the world building and how it was cheapened by the random, modern sort of dialogue that didn't feel like it fit at all.  This threw me out of the world.  There was also a lot of info dumping.  Also, besides the Asiatic-sounding names, the world sounded as European-based as any fantasy I've seen, so the lack of depth in the world was disappointing when I had gone into it thinking there was a lot of potential.

I didn't feel there was anything particularly clever about any of it.  I became frustrated by it and did not finish it.  Overall, it felt as if it was another book created in the mold of other cookie cutter young adult fantasies that came before it.

For great female warrior books, I would recommend: Eon by Alison Goodman, Graceling by Kristen Cashore, Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers, Death Sworn by Leah Cypess, or any of Tamora Pierce's books.

Book Info:
  • pages - hardcover, 312
  • published - January 2013
  • publisher - HarperTeen
  • genre - fantasy
  • received via - library :)
  • rating - 2/5
  • series - The Dragon King Chronicles
    • Prophecy
    • Warrior
    • King