14 July 2014

Tips to Instantly Improve the Look of Your Blog

Have a Proper Blog Width

Make the width of your blog wide enough to accommodate your navigation bar (if you have one).  If you've got a ton of links in your navigation (the horizontal bar running underneath your header), then cut back to what's actually necessary or install a drop-down menu.

Keep Your Fonts Simple

Having curly fonts is great for headers (either in the main header, or paragraph headers), but difficult to read in a post when it's in size 12.  If you're unsure what to pick, go with something simple like Georgia or Arial. Then do your research on fonts.

Note: If you'd like to have more than one font on your entire blog, try to stick to just two: one simple font for the body of your posts and a different one for your post titles and other headers.

Reduce Clutter

If you've got a blogroll full of buttons stretching 1000 pixels or more down the sidebar of your blog, it makes your blog look cluttered. Put similar things together and for vast amounts of information (like fifty buttons of blogs you love) make them a marquee.

Prioritize your sidebar(s).  Draw the audience's eye to things that matter by putting them at the top of your sidebar.  Some things should always be at the top: your about section, navigation, search, subscribe via email, and social media links.  The less you have, the better.  Simple is always better.

Put the Focus Where It Belongs

Put the focus on your content, not on your background. Having a chaotic background is not only rough on the eyes, but it draws attention away from its proper place. Your background doesn't have to be from Subtle Patterns, but it should go along with your color scheme and not be the forerunner of the show.

Move Forward, Be Unique

Don't stick with the Blogger templates. When beginning your blog, you're made to choose one of them, but that doesn't mean it has to hang around your neck forever.  Start changing things up, figure out what makes it aesthetically pleasing, and make it yours.