06 July 2014

In My Mailbox (119)

So I was thinking of doing a video today but that would require me looking passably presentable and since it's Sunday morning and I'm sitting at the kitchen table with no real inclination to move from it until noon -- well, that just means I'll have to do a regular ole boring post.

I moved into a new house a week or two ago and things have been at a constant state of subdued chaos the entire time.  Leaving no time, or enough clarity of thought, to share my latest acquisitions.  Now, however, things have becoming slightly less chaotic and I have enough mental energy for a simple ole boring post.

From the library

I owned this way back when and had gotten almost a hundred pages into it before throwing in the towel.  I figured, "That was then, this is now, let's bury the hatchet." And so I got it from the library, opened it up, started reading... and couldn't get through the first chapter without groaning out loud in frustration.  So, as of now, this is a series I will definitely not be getting into.

I'm currently reading this one and it's very interesting so far.  Not exactly engaging but interesting.  Honestly, I'm still waiting with bated breath for the moment when everything hits the fan and I end up chucking it across the room.  It feels like that kind of book to me, but until then, I'll reserve judgment as much as possible and keep going.  So far, it's good.

Oh my god.  The series that I absolutely love and fangirl and swoon over and can't keep myself from reading even when I shouldn't.  If you're doubtful of my affections, check out my review of A Spy in the House (the first book) and if you're still not convinced, check back tomorrow for my review of The Body at the Tower which is the second book.  And if you're still not convinced, just leave.

My possession of this book is only a reminder of a foolish mistake.  This is the second book in the Dragon King Chronicles and I haven't read the first one, Prophecy.  I haven't made a mistake like this since I was probably eleven-years-old and most certainly not since I started blogging!  But it's happened, woe is me, et cetera.  When I get the chance I'm going to check out Prophecy because what I read of Warrior before I realized my mistake was pretty good.


I never check out the free books on Kindle or iBooks.  In general, I don't really like e-books because I always forget to read them (which has bitten me in the tush more than once when I've had an eARC I was supposed to read... >_<).  But I'll be headed back to school soon and I don't carry more in my backpack than I have to and so having something to read on my phone is always a blessing.

This was an iBooks book of the week a week or two ago and which is more -- free.  And which is more -- something I must have.  And which is more -- something I do have.  Hallelujah, praise the lord, and pass the ammunition.

Telepaths.  My secret love.  I adore characters with telepathic powers because I think the effect the power has on a person is fascinating.  (If it's well done anyway.)  So I'm interested by this.

I'm a little skeptical with the presence of "the perfect boy" but it's short and sounds like it could be good.  The cover is certainly lovely.

Another book that I'm rather skeptical about but I am looking forward to trying.