21 June 2014

The Book Blogger Test

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You're supposed to tag five fellow bloggers, but, following Jazmen @ This Girl Reads A Lot's example, I'm tagging anyone and everyone who would like an excuse to do this post.

Top three literary pet peeves:
  1. Instalove - basically, I loathe it, and I loathe how popular it still is and I rue the day that Shakespeare basically laid the foundation for it. One day it will be out of fashion. (For the which blessing I am at Him upon my knees every morning and evening. How do you like that, Will?!)
  2. Love triangles - I have yet to see a love triangle done that does not make me chuck the book across the room.  My patience for love triangles is shorter than an eyelash.
  3. Any kind of superfluous physical description of characters - I have an entire rant about this so I won't rehash it for you here.
    1. "I looked at him through my lashes" - I've tried this. It's an awkward position that is not flattering to either the girl giving it or the boy receiving the look. 
Perfect reading spot:
Wherever I'm not going to be bothered.
Three book confessions:
  1. Jazmen and I share two similar book confessions (and I'm going to compact them down into one): We're tired of Fault in Our Stars and don't think that Theo James was a good pick for Four.
  2. A Pride and Prejudice style romance is my favorite.  (See: A Spy in the House by Y.S. Lee)
  3. I'm attracted to characters who have an incredible amount of power but aren't evil Voldemort-aspiring sociopaths: Han (Seven Realms series), Artemis (Artemis Fowl series), Will (Ranger's Apprentice), Sam (Hold Me Closer Necromancer), Eragon (Inheritance series), Percy (Percy Jackson series), Perry (Under the Never Sky trilogy), Sean (The Scorpio Races)
Last time crying over a book:
The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater
How many books are on your bedside table?
Favorite snack whilst reading:
Something edible that doesn't test my gag reflex.
Favorite bookshelf on bookcase:
How much books mean to you in three words:
This is a pointless question.
Biggest reading secret:
The most popular books in the YA genre do not appeal to me. (Fault in Our Stars, Hunger Games, Divergent are the most publicized ones, but then also series like Throne of Glass and Vampire Academy.)  Thus, I am automatically deeply suspicious of any book that goes viral.