23 February 2014

Help Me Read

I am currently in the middle of a dilemma (I always want to spell that "delimma").  One that many of you will recognize on sight.

How do you find time to read when your schedule look like this:
As you can see, this was a few weeks ago. But do you think I was reading that week?  YEAH.  ABOUT AMERICA'S GILDED AGE.
As truly fascinating as America's Gilded Age is (a time chiefly characterized by the huge disparity of wealth between the upper and lower classes, since I know you were dying to know), I would frankly rather spend my time reading about Perry and Aria and Roar and cry my eyes out over their last adventure.*

Heaven help me when I'm battling midterms AND NaNoWriMo simultaneously.

I know that I can just schedule some reading time just like I do everything else, but when I have weeks like the one pictured above, I don't have the energy to brush my teeth let alone pick up a book and squint at some ink on a page promising weary-sounding adventure when my head is swimming with the varying concepts of liberty thrown around in turn of the century American culture.  (I do brush my teeth twice a day, just so you aren't totally grossed out.)

My question is: what do y'all do when you've got a packed schedule and have to read?  Do you sacrifice something, like sleep?  Do you steal a few minutes at breakfast, book propped behind your cereal bowl?  Is it something you have to steal minutes at a time?  Or do you shove everything aside and go a whopping half hour?

Let me know in the comments what you do to get some reading in when your schedule gets cray.

* = shame on you if you had to reference this.  I'm obviously talking about Perry, Aria, and Roar from Veronica Rossi's swoon worthy dystopian trilogy, Under the Never Sky, which just finished up with Into the Still Blue.  I am currently battling my schedule to find time to properly read Into the Still Blue.  I may have to bust out all Buffy on the universe to steal a few seconds.