20 January 2014

The Woman Who Rides Like A Man by Tamora Pierce

Alanna Alone
A knight at last, Alanna of Trebond heads out to seek adventure in the desert of Tortall.  Captured by desert tribesmen, she is forced to prove herself in a magical duel to the death.  But her real challenge doesn't come until after she wins.  As the first female shaman, Alanna must fight to change the ancient traditions of the stubborn desert tribes -- for their own sake and the sake of all Tortall.

This third book in the Song of the Lioness quartet continues Alanna's saga as she strikes out alone and discovers herself anew.
*This is a mini review*

In The Woman Who Rides Like A Man (a wordy title for today's standards), Alanna is eighteen-years-old and has been granted her knight's shield.  In this third installment, we follow her adventures in the Great Southern Desert of Tortall.

What strikes me most about The Woman Who Rides Like A Man is the masterful expansion of the world.  Tamora Pierce doesn't keep Alanna cooped up in a castle in a city.  Alanna, fitting for her character, travels.  Of course, she finds trouble along the way, or it finds her, whichever.

Just like in In the Hand of the Goddess, Pierce excellently crafts a new stage in Alanna's life.  The struggles that Alanna faces in her romantic life continue in their natural progression and test Alanna's heart.  Also, her aptitude for leadership is made more apparent in this one, which I particularly liked seeing because I feel it's something today's fantasy is lacking.

I am also amazed at how much action is packed into so few pages.  It keeps me pinned to the pages, captured in the story.  I can't help but devour these books in one sitting.

Book Info
  • pages - mass market paperback, 284
  • published - 2005
  • publisher - SimonPulse
  • genre - fantasy
  • received via - Amazon
  • rating - 5/5
  • series - Song of the Lioness
    • Alanna: The First Adventure
    • In the Hand of the Goddess
    • The Woman Who Rides Like A Man
    • Lioness Rampant