14 October 2013

Send Sticky Stickers to Hades

There is that single moment of shining hope when my fingernail gently lifts up the corner of the "20% off" sticker plastered to the cover of the book I recently purchased.  A moment where I think to myself, "This is going to come off like a biscuit from a properly greased cookie sheet."  But then I see a patch of rough white sticker stubbornly stuck to the cover.
I feel really old to be saying this, but remember back when Borders was around?  God, I loved that store.  They made stickers right.  Stickers that actually came off the books without leaving that irritating rim of residue behind -- residue that you then had to painstakingly remove with a well applied fingernail.

I blame myself for this.  This is what I get when I buy a book from a store that does not specialize in book selling.  This store put not one but two(!) stickers on the cover of my precious copy of The House of Hades by Rick Riordan, stickers that I then had to ever so carefully remove so as not to leave that god awful residue behind.

This is not merely a rant.  This is an appeal.  For the love of God, please... If you have to put a sticker on a book, especially the front of a book, at least make it a sticker that will come easily off and not the kind that you have to take an alcohol-soaked cotton ball to.  (Which takes the shininess off certain covers, by the way.)