06 October 2013

My Return + Its Subsequent Hitch

My lovelies!  I have slowly faded away while being away from you.  Truly.  I have.  But honestly, I had to give up the responsibility of my blog in order to cope with all the personal stuff that was going on in my family.  If you read my post in April, then you will already know that one of the reasons I stopped blogging was to help care for my uncle, who was suffering from cancer.  I never did come back to say that my uncle passed away May 6.  I wasn't there when he passed away.  My dad was the only one in the room with him, but I was told he went as peacefully as could be expected.

Then summer came and all sorts of things started happening, like helping trying to sell my house in Charlotte throughout June, then moving up to Lexington again in July and then starting college in August, adjusting to classes in September, and now sweating my palms off about midterms.

Oi.  Things just got crazy, you know?  And that's okay.  Life happens.  But my blog was something that I couldn't keep up with.  I don't want to do anything half way, so I didn't want to post randomly throughout the months.  It was easier for me to switch everything off all at once and focus on my personal life.

Recently, I've been thinking about my blog.  Just little thoughts every now and then about how I miss checking it every few hours, working on my reviews, having stacks of books from the library every week, figuring out when I was going to post another giveaway, which author I wanted to interview.  All the ins and outs of blogging.

So, my lovelies.  Here's what going to happen:  I'm going to start posting again, but chill out I'm not finished talking yet.  I'm going to start posting again, but with nowhere near the kind of frequency as before.  I've got classes, yo.  Homework to do.  A roommate to practice Chinese with.  Free movies to see.  Libraries to study at.  Stuff, 懂吗?

I'm going to work on posting one review a week.  Which is a massive step down from my usual blogging practice, but if I don't start off small, nothing's going to get done.

I just finished rereading The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater (mhm perfection!) but the latest Heroes of Olympus book comes out Tuesday, so I'd say it's a safe bet that that will be my next review.  (Wow.  Saying that gives me a bit of the shivers.  I haven't written in a review in so long but at the same time it feels like no time at all has passed.)

from demigod-at-heart on tumblr
Oh yeah.  I've become a Tumblr addict.  Only on the weekends!  I just want to clarify that.  Okay, y'all have a great rest of your Sunday.  If you're a Once Upon a Time fan, you and I will be great friends.  I don't even have to say that a new episode comes on tonight.

Until next time, y'all! :)

PS - I don't know what in Hades is going on with my commenting system.  So if you wanna comment, just shoot me a tweet or Tumblr message or something instead. :)  You're awesome.