09 March 2013

Saturday Spotlight: Pages

What is Saturday Spotlight? It's where I drag bloggers onto my blog for an interview. It's not part of a hop or any organized event. It's merely a way to feature bloggers and get inside their heads a bit. Like a psych session, but fun.

Kirthi @ Pages


When did your blog come into existence?
It was born in October of 2008 and has been running ever since! I like to think of myself as a senior blogger, even though I’m only sixteen. A lot of blogs I’ve seen around with thousands of followers are younger than me!
Your blog in three words:
Simple, rebel, odd
What makes your blog yours, meaning unique?
Me. My blog is a reflection of me and has been an organic website that’s grown with me ever since I was twelve (read my ancient reviews to see how horrible a reviewer I was) and it’s also uniquely mine because its run by my ideals. I don’t believe in media posts like blog tours, pre-written author posts, memes like Waiting on Wednesday or In My Mailbox: the whole point of a book blog is the reviews. I believe in quality a post, in sticking to what I believe is best and not conforming to the doings of all other bloggers. I’ve given up my desire to simply gain followers. A person should follow a blog if and only if he/she enjoys reading the blog. These ideals, I think, make my blog unique!
How did you come up with your blog name?
When deciding on a name, I was absolutely certain that I did not want a name that would tie me down to one particular version of me. If I had a title that was “Tennis Girl’s Bookshelf” and then later on, I’d quit playing tennis: the title would be useless and irrelevant. I wanted the title to be something that would be versatile and permanent so I wouldn’t feel the need to change it. Also, I was opposed to the idea of the typical “Confessions of…” or “___aholic” and all those other “title templates”. Lastly, I liked the idea of one word titles. Whether it be books, films or blog title: one word has more of an impact, a mystery a…certain special quality than a group of two to three to four words. Pages is the result of all this thinking, and it’s served the blog and the image I’d wanted to create perfectly.


How did the blog-bug bite (why did you start blogging)?
It’s kind of an odd story to tell. My childhood friend Nathan and I were big global-warming “activists”, or rather, as active as a couple of twelve year old kids could be. We both started a global warming blog on this other platform, where it didn’t work out, and we switched to Blogger. I wrote posts about global warming awareness, conserving energy, one’s carbon footprint and all this research. Being a co-author of such a blog, and realising the excitement and fun of publishing posts online, I decided that I wanted to blog about something else I was passionate about: books.
Do you have a review that you’re particularly proud of?
I recently wrote a review for Dracula by Bram Stoker. I spent two-three days writing and editing it. I’m so proud of it!
Is there a blog that inspired you/still inspires you?
Right. There have been so many blogs that have inspired me, and most of them now have either stopped blogging/disappeared from their blogs. I started blogging when Kate from The Neverending Shelf , Kristen from Bookworming in the 21st Century (these two have a joint blog now called The Book Monsters, and Liz from Cleverly Inked, and were book blogger giants along with The Story Siren and my old friends like Brizmus Blogs Books and Sparrow Review and one of them, Precious from Fragments of Life, is still around! These were all blogs that were run by great, inspiring people that would motivate me to blog more and be a better blogger. Thank you!
What excites you most about being a book review blogger?
I think it’s the reason why I really started blogging that still excites me: being able to share reviews and thoughts on books to people who actually care and do the same thing as me. It’s a cliché reason, but I do get excited for that. Also: comments. I love comments ~cough~ I’m so shameless sometimes.
Five books everyone should read:
First, I’d like to thank you for not having me choose one. You truly understand :)
  1. The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón
  2. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  3. The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
  4. The Stranger by Albert Camus
  5. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
  6. (Honourable Mention: Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma)
If a new blogger came up to you for advice, what would you tell them?
Welcome to (book) blogging! Some advice for you: don’t give up, don’t fret and worry about posting every single little thing, build a follower base of people who really want to read your blog (ie. No massive giveaways just for followers), and just have fun with it! A key thing to remember for new bloggers is to be yourself, create your own name and “brand” and don’t think you need to conform and copy. Confidence is key :)


What got you into reading?
I have my mum to thank for developing a love for reading. Having moved to America, one of her first jobs was working at a library. I had been “held back” from kindergarten, meaning I was born 5 days off the cut-off date for the year, and she was determined to teach me SOMETHING to make my free year worthwhile. This is the time I learned how to skate and also learned to read. She taught me, with her rough English, and took me to the library more than twice a week to sit for story-time, the film showings, the activities, and to just pick out books. I would bring books home by stacks and finish them off in days. The librarians were always prepared, and they still recognise me when I visit! I have the greatest mum. (She often complains when I stay in my room reading and asks herself ‘Where did I go wrong’ to which I reply ‘You taught me how to read’ She can’t give a decent comeback because she knows it’s all her fault, muahaha.)
What is your ideal reading spot?
At home. Or somewhere quiet. On my bed during the summer, and on the floor beside my foot heater in the winter. I can’t stand reading in a classroom full of loud teenagers or in someone else’s house (the aura is always awkward and unwelcoming; only my house is rid of this aura, haha)
Do your friends and family know about your blog?
My parents know that I have a blog, but that’s as far as it goes. A few of my close friends know about it and visit often so we can discuss posts and books and such. I told my school friends once, and they kind of made fun of me for “blogging” thinking of it as something like “Omg. Just saw a squirrel”: those kinds of posts. And they kept telling me “Hey, are you gonna put this on your blog?” That subsided eventually, haha.
What are three things people may not know about you?
  1. I’m an introvert (they don’t know because I have a side of me that’s incredibly social)
  2. I’m sane. I seem to go a bit loopy when I’m around others, hehe.
  3. I have the most enormous fan-girl crush/admiration/respect for Tom Hiddleston. Words cannot describe his perfection!
If you had a superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it?
I had great fun with answering this question over the ages. I always wanted to fly, so I’ll say that. But at one point, and even to this day, I have had a deep rooted desire to be an Airbender (my superpower would be bending air using martial arts techniques). For those who have watched Avatar the Last Airbender (omg, I’m such a huge fan. Zutara!) There are four elements to bend: air, water, earth, fire. For the longest time, I thought I would love to be a waterbender. But for me: airbender all the way.

What would I do with it? Fly fly fly. Airbend the remote over to my side, run at lightning speed and do cool tricks, meditate in temples and do so much other fun stuff. I haven’t got the characteristics of a superhero though: strength, desire to save others (this sounds cruel, but I don’t want to go around stalking the night when I could be at home reading a book, you know what I mean?) or an arch nemesis, hehe.