17 December 2012

Silver by Talia Vance

As I step into the room, a silver flash blurs my vision. Before I can take a breath, the world falls away.

Brianna has always felt invisible. People stare right past her, including the one boy she can't resist, Blake Williams. But everything changes at a house party where Brianna's charm bracelet slips off and time stands still. In that one frozen, silver moment, Blake not only sees her, he recognizes something deep inside her she's been hiding even from herself.

Discovering she is descended from Danu, the legendary Bandia of Celtic myth, Brianna finds herself questioning the truth of who she is. And when she accidentally binds her soul to Blake, their mutual attraction becomes undeniable.

But Blake has his own secret, one that could prove deadly for them both.

Bound together by forbidden magic, Brianna and Blake find themselves at the heart of an ancient feud that threatens to destroy their lives and their love.

Silver would not have been the kind of book to hit my radar if I hadn't met Talia Vance at a local event and heard her speak on a panel.  When she read out loud a passage from Silver, I immediately thought to myself, "Man, I want to read this."  After finally having read it, I'm so glad that I did.  It lived up to my expectations, but my experience reading it was a curious one: I felt there were so many things that should have pissed me off, like an insta-love and a series of events that felt strung together instead of inextricably bound.  And yet, I really enjoyed it.

There weren't many things that I absolutely loved, but for some reason I didn't dislike the story.  There was an insta-love, for instance.  I'm not a huge fan of love at first sight, but what I liked about the romance in Silver was that Brianna and Blake were hardly lovebirds from start to finish.  They may have hit it off, but their path was far from smooth.  I feel like a lot of romances don't show how a relationship shifts slightly from day to day, and evolves over time.  Blake and Brianna had arguments and doubted each other, and at those moments, a lot was divulged about the characters.

I really liked Brianna's character.  There were a lot of times when I felt she deserved a cosmic-sized slap to the back of the head, but the girl had grit.  She wasn't perfect, and I could deal with that.  I liked how her responses would surprise me sometimes.  I love it when a character surprises me, because it usually means that they're deviating from a cookie cutter template.  When Brianna showed her fangs, I got behind her 100%.  I felt that Blake could've had a little bit more depth to him, but he wasn't without surprises either.  My only issue in the character department was how Brianna interacted with her friends.  I didn't really get a sense of epic tightness there, and that disappointed me because her friends were a constant throughout the story.

I loved the mythological background in Silver.  It was obvious by the depth of the prose that Talia Vance knew was she was talking about, even if there could be improvement in the way she presented information.  The descriptions were lacking, so occasionally, I lost track of where the characters were in time and space.  It also made it a bit difficult to keep up with the mythology, but it only slightly brought me out of the story.  The prose was unpolished, but not irredeemable.

There was definite room for improvement, but instead of condemning those areas, I simply saw them as a place where Talia Vance will grow.  Maybe it's having met her that instills that confidence in me, but this is Vance's debut novel.  Of course she's going to grow.  I could tell by the way the plot had direction, but not cohesion, that said she's just finding her stride.

So despite its rusty areas, Silver really shined for me.  I'm so excited for the sequel, Gold.  I feel that, with time, Talia Vance will be a force to be reckoned with.

You didn't strike me as stupid, but I guess first impressions are deceiving.
You always have choices, Brianna. No one can take that from you. You're the only one who can decide how this ends.
"Let me be frank," Joe's voice pulls me back. "You seem like a nice girl. So why the hell are you chasing down a rat bastard like Blake?"

I smile at the description. "I thought you were his friend."

"Can't help liking the son of a bitch." He squirms in the seat, trying to find a comfortable position. "Pardon me for saying so. You don't seem like his type."

What is that suppose to mean? So I'm not dumb, snobby or slutty ... Oh.
Book Info
  • pages - paperback, 374
  • published - September 2012
  • publisher - Flux
  • genre - mythological fantasy
  • received via - author event
  • rating - 4/5
  • series - Bandia
    • Silver
    • Gold