29 December 2012

Saturday Spotlight: Corrie the Book Crazed Girl

What is Saturday Spotlight? It's where I drag bloggers onto my blog for an interview. It's not part of a hop or any organized event. It's merely a way to feature bloggers and get inside their heads a bit. Like a psych session, but fun.

Magen @ Corrie the Book Crazed Girl


When did your blog come into existence?
My blog came to life December of 2011! Yes, my blog is a year old!! I can’t even believe it! I’m still learning, and definitely still growing. I know one thing for sure, I don’t regret starting my blog or entering into this amazing community!
Your blog in three words:
Hot fictional boys, book love, and YA craziness!
What makes your blog yours, meaning unique?
It’s really hard to make a blog unique, but I try it by being myself. My blog reflects me, who I am. So in a way, that makes it very unique. It is a place where I can be my very crazy book loving self and where others can be their crazy book loving self’s, too!
If you ever had to retitle your blog, would you? And what would the new title be?
Wow! This is weird, ‘cause it was just the other day I was thinking that I wish I had chosen a better name for my blog! I don’t hate, but I don’t love the name I choose. When I was making my blog I couldn’t decide, so I just put into words who I am. It’s kinda late to change my name but if I could, I would go with something like; A Girl With Books. Something along that line :)


How did the blog-bug bite (why did you start blogging)?
I’ve always loved books. I’ve followed the book blogging community for a while, but was never brave enough to start my own book blog. But I really wanted to, I don’t have many people to talk books with and I really wanted to talk books, so I put that fear aside and started my blog. I regret nothing!
Do you have a review that you’re particularly proud of?
I’m proud of a few reviews actually, and naming just one is kind of hard. I put myself into all of my reviews. They are my opinion. And I want to let others know why I loved a book, or why it wasn’t a book for me :)
Is there a blog that inspired you/still inspires you?
There are so many blogs that inspire me and still continue to inspire me. I’ve met amazing book bloggers, also. So, yeah it’s kinda of a cheap answer, but I can’t name just one blog!
What excites you most about being a book review blogger?
Talking about books and fictional boys!!! Ha ha ha And I really get to be myself!
Five books everyone should read:
  1. Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout
  2. Slammed by Colleen Hoover
  3. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
  4. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
  5. The Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
If a new blogger came up to you for advice, what would you tell them?
Be yourself! And don’t take it so serious that you lose your love of books and blogging! I’ve seen that happen and it’s sad. Your blog is you, and reflects you. So, be yourself and enjoy it!


What got you into reading?
My mom. She is a wonderful mother, and she has put me first in everything. I owe my love of book, my love of reading, to her. And I can’t thank her enough. When I was young I had trouble learning to read, my mom also struggled in school, so she set out to make sure I didn’t end up struggling like she did. Every night she read with me, worked with me. When I did well on a test I was rewarded by going book shopping. When I made good grades on my progress reports, she gave me money to go get books. At the age of seven or eight I had saved over fifty bucks, just to buy books! On my twelfth birthday I asked for a library card. She craved my path into the world of books and I am so, so thankful she did. Or I wouldn’t have stepped into this wonderful community that I know today!
Do your friends and family know about your blog?
Yes, and no. (laughs) My mom knows, she's my biggest supporter. There are also a few relatives that know, but not all. Why? Because not everyone in my family understands, they wouldn’t see why I love and support this community so much. Plus, my blogging life, it’s me, it’s who I am. It’s a place where I can be me without explaining myself. It’s freedom in a way. My other biggest support is my best friend Kayla!
What are three things people may not know about you?
Haha! Three things people might not know about me…hhmmmmm.. That’s kind of a hard question. I usually don’t think about me that way, so it’s hard thinking of an answer. Well, people in the blogging world wouldn’t know that in real life, I’m very shy!! It takes a while for me to open up, but when I do people get to see just how weird I really am! And I’m weird! Another thing hardly anyone knows about me is that I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut! I’ve always loved stargazing, learning about planets and I’ve always, and still do, want to go to space! I actually never told many people that. (laughs) I also believe in ghost, spirits, and creatures of myth. I believe that people had to have seen these creatures to have come up with the stories, or how else would so many different ancient cultures have so many similar stories even though that never had contact!! I love pondering things like that, but I don’t really share it!
If you had a superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it?
To never have to sleep! So, I could get more reading done! Wait, would that be considered a superpower?? (laughs) Okay, a superpower that I would love to have is the ability to fly! Wouldn’t that just be awesome?? Just fly wherever you wanna go! It’s also a kind of freedom in my mind.