02 December 2012

In My Mailbox (98)

Happy December to you all!  I'm still wondering how December has come, and not the cold weather.  I was out yesterday night and probably would've only needed a light sweater (if I were more warm-blooded) but I could barely -- barely -- see my breath fog out in front of me.  Not cool, Winter!  Not cool!  I look forward to December every year because I love the holiday and the cold.  Don't disappoint me!

Although I didn't get any (new) books this week, the lovely Keertana from Ivy Book Bindings sent me some swag when she returned a book to me. :3 (I luuuuuv swag.)

A Sweet Book Fairy
Renegade bookmark (signed), What Happens Next bookmark (signed), Sweet Venom card, What's Left of Me card, Raised by Wolves tattoo
I can't wait to go to another event with Jennifer Lynn Barnes so I can use this tattoo. :3  THANK YOU KEERTANA!  For being absolutely awesome.  And for loving Under the Never Sky (almost) as much as I do. <3<3

what did you get in your mailbox?