08 November 2012

Roar and Liv by Veronica Rossi

Before Perry and Aria, there was Roar and Liv.

After a childhood spent wandering the borderlands, Roar finally feels like he has a home with the Tides. His best friend Perry is like a brother to him, and Perry's sister, Liv, is the love of his life. But Perry and Liv's unpredictable older brother, Vale, is the Blood Lord of the Tides, and he has never looked kindly on Roar and Liv's union. Normally, Roar couldn't care less about Vale's opinion. But with food running low and conditions worsening every day, Vale's leadership is more vital—and more brutal—than ever. Desperate to protect his tribe, Vale makes a decision that will shatter the life Roar knew and change the fate of the Tides forever.
This was...amazing.  I don't know if I would necessarily recommend this to someone who has yet to read Under the Never Sky, simply because the story is set up under the assumption the reader knows what is what and who is who, etc.  However, if you've read Under the Never Sky and loved it, I have a strong conviction that you'll love this, too.  Roar was a beloved character in Under the Never Sky for many readers, so given that this novella is set entirely in his point of view will appeal to the many fans Roar has accumulated.

I loved the insight.  Veronica Rossi created a whole new voice.  Roar was given a breadth that we readers didn't get to really see in Under the Never Sky.  There was a whole swath of vulnerability and longing underneath all that wit and bravado.  Though I would never have thought Roar underdeveloped before, I still loved the further depth that came from a story from his point of view.  He seems much better fixed in my mind now.

With her brilliant writing style, Veronica Rossi captured, and gave depth to, the already-explored world of the Tides, making it come alive within the sixty pages.  The world of the Tides  had become faded in my mind in the time since I'd finished reading Under the Never Sky.  This novella brought it back to life almost instantly.  Veronica Rossi has created a world that I absolutely would love to live in.

Roar and Liv is a great sampler of Veronica Rossi's work.  I would recommend this to anyone who enjoyed Under the Never Sky.

There's little warmth between the siblings now, but it wasn't always this way.  When their father was still Blood Lord, they were close.  We all kenw what happened to Perry in their house when Jodan drank, and I think the terror of those nights kept the three of them bonded.  I can still remember Liv and Vale sitting on either side of Perry in the cookhouse, pressed against him like a human shield after he'd taken a beating.  But when Vale became Blood Lord after Jodan died, things changed.  Vale keeps Liv and Perry at a distance now.  The day he put the Blood Lord chain around his neck, he became their lord first and their brother second.
"The wise ask questions, Perry.  The weak doubt."
By some twist of fate, our pace is synchronized.  Three pairs of feet land in near perfect rhythm.  I concentrate on that -- on the small miracle happening in this moment -- but a rebel chant begins in my head and it's loud.  Too loud to ignore.

If I have to lose everything to keep her, I will.

I will. 
I will.
I will.
Book Info
  • pages - ebook, 68 
  • published - October 2012
  • publisher - HarperCollins
  • genre - dystopian
  • received via - iBooks
  • rating - 5/5
  • series - Under the Never Sky
    • Roar and Liv
    • Under the Never Sky
    • Through the Ever Night
    • Into the Still Blue