07 November 2012

Recap: Cinda Williams Chima Event + Giveaway

Leaving at three thirty in the afternoon for an event that starts at seven, grabbing a small order of fries at McDonalds and freezing half to death at the sudden onset of winter to see Cinda Williams Chima was totally worth it.

Even more so when I finally got my own copy of The Crimson Crown signed and got some totally awesome swag.  (And also, I love book signings simply because you meet the coolest people in line.  Lisa, if you're reading this, you are that cool person.  Thank you for taking this awesome pic!!)  The whole evening was worth the two and half hour drive back.

So I filmed Ms. Chima's entire presentation, which was around forty minutes long, but for this video I had to condense it to a little bit under fifteen minutes.  I apologize, y'all, because I had to take out some funny parts in order to have room for the informative ones.  Hopefully you will enjoy it all the same. :D

Ms. Chima handed me a whole stack of bookmarks, and even signed a few!  On top of that, they had these absolutely awesome posters for The Crimson Crown.  I happened to grab a couple.  SO.

This giveaway will have TWO winners, each will get a signed bookmark and a Crimson Crown poster.  Apologies to my international followers, but this is a US only giveaway.  :/  My 600 follower giveaway is still open, however, so go check that out for the chance to win any YA title!