26 October 2012

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Q:  What writing device or trick most irritates you when reading a book?
A:  Instant romances is probably my number one, but a lot of people have the same issue.  So besides the Bella&Edward Template, I really dislike authors who don't give a character enough uniqueness.  People are vastly different from each other, so I hate seeing authors shortchange their imaginations when they prefer the well-worn path over plumbing their emotions for original ideas to bring to the table.  Employ a little psychology!  People have idiosyncrasies and many, many flaws.  Bring them out!  They don't make a main character "undesirable."  In fact, just the opposite.  There are things about ourselves that we don't like other than things like weight.  It could be how we're a bit too controlling, or can be a little unknowingly cruel sometimes.  I love it when an author brings those flaws and imperfections to the surface.  However, when I see stuff like that, my admiration for it reminds me how uncommon it is to see authors who are daring enough to make their characters imperfect.