28 September 2012

Teen Read Week Giveaway Hop Signups

Teen Read Week is a great opportunity to get teens to read -- for the heck of it!  Teen Read Week is hosted by the Young Adult Library Services Association (otherwise known as YALSA) and this year, the theme is It Came From the Library, which dares teens to read for the fun of it.

My senior year of high school, I took Library Science -- an every other day class where I learned a bunch of cool library stuff and got to boss freshman around and man the circulation desk.  Every year, my awesome high school librarian has her students create posters to raise awareness for Teen Read Week.

In honor of Teen Read Week, I'll be hosting this giveaway hop!

Some (Super Quick) Rules:
  • Any blog can participate, as long its teen (or family) friendly.
  • The prize(s) have to be reading-related.
    • It can be a book, or an Amazon gift card, or some awesome swag.  As long as it promotes a love of reading! :)
  • Make sure you have your giveaway up between the allotted dates.
  • Go easy on the entries.  Try to make the entries simple and easy to do.  
    • Rafflecopter is a godsend for this sort of thing.  It's free -- and awesome!
  • When you enter, make sure you link directly to your main blog page.  This is just to sign up -- come back on the fourteenth to enter your giveaway post.