09 July 2012

Music Match Monday (5)

Music Match Monday is a meme created by myself, the Authoress. All you do is take the book you're reading now -- or maybe the last book you read -- and find a song that matches it. Like its theme song. And share it with us!

Book: Wither by Lauren DeStefano
Song: The Perfect Crime - Hey Shay and the Pretty Penny

"It's not much, it's torn and it's in need of repair" He confesses to me and I reply, "I don't care."

Your robotic pulse is enchanting me, it's a different tune than what the worlds been telling me! So I listen closely.

This is my ground, my thoughts, "would you like me to explain" He laughs. And I see you're just as unique as I.

And your obscure mind is a mystery, a hidden door and I think I found the key! Did I not? Did I not?

I think I'm in love, but how many times must I die before I find the right guy?
Please don't thrash my fragile life while I'm still alive!

oh oh oh oh you've been hurt one to many times.... (continues on to say "That's what makes us the perfect crime, the perfect crime.")

Why:  It's a soft tune but with excellent lyrics that I think really capture the book well.