20 July 2012

Just For Kicks: This is Daily Life

#23 - A day in the life of me, Amelia Robinson

*8:00 AM: Awoken by Father.  (It's ungodly, I know.)  Laze in bed for twenty or so minutes.

8:30 AM: Actually get out of bed.

8:35 AM: Breakfast.  This consisting of toasting English muffins with butter and jelly.  While toasting, ponder the reason why they're called "English muffins".  Grab a freshly chilled water bottle.  Add necessary flavoring.  After preparing breakfast, it's outside on the back deck where my dad has set up his laptop and is hard at work.  Consume meal.

9:15 AM: Pop back inside.  Pause to wish I could Apparate upstairs.  The following forty-five minutes consist of answering emails, checking blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.  Fulfilling any short graphic requests if needed.  Pause for a short break to let the cat in my room.  Entertain said cat for thirty seconds until cat decides the mortal must go away.

10:00 AM: Grab the laptop borrowed from my brother, my three notebooks, my recycled pen, and my iPod and settle onto my parent's bed where I will work on my book for the following two hours.

12:00 PM: Go downstairs. Make lunch.  Consume lunch while watching an episode of The Mentalist with my dad.  Fantasize about getting an ice cream cone for dessert.

1:00 PM: Back upstairs.  Work on book some more.  Fantasize some more.  (About the book, not about ice cream cones...)

3:00 PM - ish: Pack it in for the day.  Return to desktop, do blog stuff.  When bored, read.

5:00 PM: Dinner.  (Unfortunately.)  Watch TV, maybe a bit of a movie.

8:30 PM: Shower. An unfortunate necessity of everyday life.  A social construction to waste a person's time.  After which, return to the real order of business: reading some more.

12:05 AM: Decide that I'm tired.  Brush teeth, turn of lights, get in bed.

12:15 AM: Do nightly yoga routine.

1:00 AM: Finally fall asleep.

Rinse and repeat.

* = Not sleeping in till 10 in the morning is really beneficial if you find you can't sleep at night.  Even though I go to bed relatively late, I don't wake up in the middle of the night anymore.  During the school year when I was going to bed at 10 and waking up at 5:30, I woke up three or four times a night.  Now I never do.  Could've been stress from school, but I've noticed a real difference in my sleep, being woken up at 8 instead of sleeping in till 10.