26 April 2012

Girls Don't Fly by Kristen Chandler

She's learning to be happy...on her own.

Myra is used to keeping her feet firmly on the ground. She's got four younger brothers, overworked parents, and a pregnant older sister, and if Myra wasn't there to take care of everyone, they'd probably fall apart. But when her boyfriend unceremoniously dumps her, Myra feels like she's lost her footing. Suddenly she's doing things she never would've a few months earlier: quitting her job, applying for a scholarship to study birds in the Galapagos, and falling for a guy who's encouraging her to leap from her old life . . . and fly.

With plenty of heart and humor, Kristin Chandler tells a story that will make you feel good from the soles of your feet to the tips of your wings.

Girls Don't Fly was an awesome, short, cute story with an inspiring and heartfelt message.  Myra was a relatable teen girl with a lot on her plate, still figuring out who she is and how she fits in.  Kristen Chandler has a quick and easy writing style that says volumes.  Girls Don't Fly was a great pick me up and a new contemporary favorite.

One preachy passage could have ruined this whole book (this statement still under revision, because this book had too strong a foundation to be rocked by one little paragraph of preachiness).  Kristen Chandler, however, told her message (if she wrote with one in mind) through the main character, Myra, and her adventures and misadventures.  She didn't sit down and go, "This will happen if you blah, blah, blah."

Myra was an awesome main character.  She wasn't completely naive--she had a rough home life and a sucky ex-boyfriend.  But she had spunk.  She also had a drive.  What really drew me to her was her strength.  I couldn't understand why she would put up with her family putting her down all the time, but I admired her ability to keep her chin high.

I love how the romance held an unexpected twist and how, when it finally crept up, it was realistic.  They weren't perfect.  They weren't horribly cliche, either, which was a nice plus.  I cheered for them all the way.

From reading her debut, Wolves, Boys, And Other Things That Might Kill Me, spunky but misplaced teenage girls seem to be Kristen Chandler's style.  She does it well.  I think she still has to grow into her talent, but I can't wait to see what she does next.

This conversation is actually about my previously perfect sister, Melyssa.  She and Zeke are coming over to talk about their wedding plans, but she's late.  About five months late.  One year into her full ride to college and my genius sister couldn't figure out how not to get pregnant.  My parents have been out of their minds since they found out two weeks ago. (p. 3)
There's a short list of people I would like to call me.  Jonathon isn't one of them.  "That was fast," I say.  "Did he leave an address where I can send my pipe bomb?" (p. 288)

Book Info:

  • pages - hardcover, 300
  • published - October 2011
  • publisher - Viking Juvenile
  • genre - contemporary fiction
  • received via - amazon :)
  • rating - 5/5
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