17 March 2012

Patricia Briggs Event Recap + Pics

Patricia Briggs
author of the Mercy Thompson series
on tour for her latest book Fair Game
book three in the Alpha & Omega series

How I Got There
By some miracle, I'd chanced upon a fellow blogger's post on Patricia Briggs's tour stops for her new book, Fair Game.  I looked, heavy with skepticism.  I was hardly expecting to find CHARLOTTE, NC printed as a stop.  

What I Saw
They were all women.  All of them.  The only man in attendance was my father, because he drove me there.  We were a small group, too, shockingly enough.  Roughly thirty chairs were set out and only half of them were filled.  Ms. Briggs didn't even use the microphone that had been set up for her.  It was very friendly, almost familial.  There was a lot of camaraderie. 

A lot of them were bloggers.  This is what shocked me most of all, and I wince at myself for my ignorance, because who else would know about the event if they weren't connected to the blogosphere somehow?  

The lady who sat in front of me was hilarious, and I was awe-inspired by her.  She was one of those bloggers who had all sorts of merchandise for her blog.  Next to her sat an author, who I have never heard of because my exposure to adult PNR is horrendously limited, but who was incredibly nice and very pretty.

There were a lot of people who brought along every Patricia Briggs book they owned to be signed.  Because we were such a small group, it wasn't that big a deal to have her sign a stack of seven or ten books.  I was irked, because I had left all my Mercy Thompson books at home thinking it would be inconvenient to try and get her to sign all of them.

I was also the youngest person there. 

Who I Met
Sharon @ I Smell Sheep was the enthusiastic, hard-core blogger who sat in front of me. :)  I didn't have the guts to talk to her before the event (the group in front of me had been there longer than I had...and I was over a half hour early) but somehow...I was leaving, going towards the door, my signed copy of Fair Game in my arms...when I told my dad, "Hang on a second, hang on."  And then I found myself walking over to Sharon.  I was so high from the atmosphere of the event that I made a complete idiot out of myself in front of her.  What made her more wonderful was that she didn't appear to notice and if she did, she forgave me for it.  

I confirmed that she was a blogger (because who knows, maybe I was a little tipsy and hearing things *shrug*) and got her information.  She had business cards which made me feel woefully inadequate and unworthy of her attention.  I got her information, she got mine and it was wonderful.  Somehow during all that, we were never formally introduced. I didn't find out her name until I looked her up when I got home.

The author who sat next to Sharon was Tes Hilaire, author of Deliver Me From Darkness, an adult PNR that I have also never heard of.  I think her name is awesome.  She was awesome, too.  I didn't get to talk to her much, but I remember she wore this cool blue shirt that went great with her hair.

I think I got to meet the blogger from Herding Cats & Burning Soup, but I can't be sure.  I was sitting there eavesdropping and generally being a coward so I may be wrong since I never introduced myself.  I was listening to who was who and writing down their blog names on my phone.

While standing in line to get my book signed, I had a nice chat with Stacy from Urban Fantasy Investigations.  Again, I heard her blog name through a conversation she had with someone else.  (In hindsight, I was uncharacteristically shy through the whole event. Being around bloggers with their own business cards tends to be a bit intimidating.)  Stacy was great and really helped me feel less an outcast.

What Was Said
After the event as my dad drove me back home, I practically cried while talking about how wonderful the event had been.  I had never been in a group where we were all on the same page (no pun intended).  None of my friends at school had ever heard of Patricia Briggs, let alone read one of her books.  I consider Patricia Briggs to be my second favorite author of all-time behind J.K. Rowling so not having anyone to talk to about the books was extremely frustrating, and I didn't realize how frustrating until I'd been at that event.

I didn't get any video (my dad did, 'course) and I only got a few pictures because after a while, I forgot about my camera.  I just sat there and listened to what Ms. Briggs was saying.

Of the questions asked that I remember:
Will there be a separate book for Bran's story?  No, apparently. :(  The reasoning was that Bran wasn't "in a happy place" and that when Ms. Briggs tells a story, she wants her readers to come out of it feeling a little bit better about themselves and the world, and Bran's story wouldn't do that.  Which is a shame, because Bran is an awesome character and I was thrilled to get the information I did about him from the Alpha & Omega series.

If you were to walk into a room and theme music play, what song would it be?  (asked by Sharon @ I Smell Sheep)  The music to "Jaws".  

While Ms. Briggs talked, I wondered briefly about my dad's impression.  He isn't a reader, and he has a strong grasp on reality, so reading fiction never appealed to him.  I feared that maybe he wouldn't approve of what was going on.  I wanted him to approve because Ms. Briggs is one of my favorite authors.  Afterwards, he said that he was really impressed with what Ms. Briggs said about her writing and that he liked the part of Fair Game that she read aloud.

What I Learned

  • get business cards
  • take an ungodly amount of pictures
  • have a list of witty lines ready for when I come up to the table to get my book signed
  • use my own camera to get a picture with my favorite author
  • take Advil beforehand to avoid the impending anxiety headache
  • if there is a front row seat open, don't be nice, take it

*  *  *
Patricia Briggs reading from Fair Game
^ Sharon's shoulder   |  Tes Hilaire's arm ^

I DO have a picture of me standing with Ms. Briggs, but it's on my dad's camera...that doesn't register on my computer. -______-

*  *  *

It was an absolutely wonderful event.  I'm so glad I got the opportunity to go. :)