29 February 2012

NC Author Alert: Lauren Oliver

Lauren Oliver
author of Delirium

will be at...

Quail Ridge Books & Music
3522 Wade Avenue
Raleigh, NC

starting at 3:00 PM on the...

3rd of March, 2012

I am really psyched for Lauren Oliver's new book.  I read Delirium and loved it and then read Before I Fall and really loved that too!  So I've decided that I will love whatever Lauren Oliver writes.  I definitely recommend her books to anyone who's looking for a very enjoyable read with deep characters and a story and writing style that will grab your emotions.

I probably won't be able to make it to this signing (*bawls*) because I didn't find out until this evening that this was taking place, and I live in Charlotte, NC, which is two and a half-ish hours away.  I've been to Quail Ridge before, though, for Scott Westerfeld's signing there last year, and it's a great place.  It says on the store's website that there will be live streaming but I don't know how or where.

If you have NOT read Delirium, I would recommend
that you do NOT watch this video, as it does give spoilers.  Big ones.