06 February 2012

Just For Kicks: A Library Mixup Story

#20 - A Library Mixup Story

This story is about a girl who made a foolish mistake.  An honest mistake, thank you very much.  A mistake, nevertheless, that was embarrassing because this girl has such a tendency to keep things in their places and sort her nail polishes according to color, height, and popularity.

I was kidding about the nail polish.  The only thing I'm anal about is my books.  Thus, this foolish mistake revolves around books.  I'm actually quite embarrassed about it because I've never done this before.

Okay.  In summation, I turned in a school library book to the public library.


This has never happened to me before because I had never checked out a book from my school library until this year when I spend every other first period in the library for an hour and a half (our school periods are an hour and a half each).  I started checking out a lot of library books, trying to keep it within the limit (four) and doing a good job (translation: failing miserably).  At the time, I was also getting books from the public library and keeping them all in a stack next to my reading chair.  (See below)

The stack in this picture is considerably smaller than the one before this unfortunate mixup.  Right now, I only have two books out from the school library.  (Yes, that green monstrosity is my English textbook and yes, pity me because I have to carry it with me to and from school everyday.  My psychology book stays home, though, don't worry.)  

So imagine that stack to be about four or five books higher and imagine the day when I was going out for a shopping trip, plus lunch, plus the library and trying to remember which books went to the public library and which went to the schools.  Well, I figured, that was easy.  My school library has a "F" followed by the author's last name and the public library has "FIC" followed by the author's last name.

Yeeaaahhhh...when you're dyslexic, a two letter difference isn't helpful.

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver took a trip to the public library for a few days where apparently, it was put on a shelf until one day, after realizing my mistake and confessing my sins to my librarian, I called the public library and asked if I could have it back before my execution.  I was put in to the reference desk and talked to a very nice lady who actually wished me luck before passing me over into the melancholy hands of the circulation desk.  There, I was informed that I could come by and pick it up.  Thank you, have a nice day.

This has a happy ending because Friday, though I could've waited until today when I had library science anyway, I turned it in first thing, clearing my name of any wrongdoings. 

Now I will double and triple check my books before going to turn them in.  This mistake shall never happen again and we can all get on with our lives.