19 January 2012

Overlooked Contemp Novels - from Racquel @ Book Barbies

I just picked up a contemporary novel that got me thinking: most of the contemp novels I read aren't wildly popular, but they're so good they should be.  So I gave a general shout to my Twitter followers and the wonderful Racquel @ The Book Barbies replied. :)  I'm so glad she did--she listed some books that I fully agree, really should get some more airtime.

So without further ado, Racquel, take it away!

*   *   *

Contemporary is my all time favorite genre so I'm very happy to be doing a guest post for Amelia today about the underrated good contemporary books!

I like to give a chance to all books, self published or from a big name publisher because you simply cannot put a limit on talent and that is why one of my favorite contemporaries of 2011 is a self-published book.

My number one reason why this is such a great read is because of how realistic it is. The characters acted like real teenagers, they went through teen emotions, they cared about things teens care about! Liz Reinhardt has a real grasp on the teenage world and it shows in her books. Every character in this book experienced or did something I can relate to things my friends and I do. Double Clutch is as realistic a contemporary YA book can get!

I actually never knew I would even like this book, let alone love it. Religion in books is a very tricky thing to add and I never thought I can even put up with it. Yet I couldn't see There You'll Find Me written any other way. The religious aspect of the book wasn't overwhelming or trying to choke the reader into faith but simply a part of the story that had to be there and it made the book even better. Another similar situation would be in:

I put this book down once I saw the mention of religion because I was put off by it. I didn't want an annoying faith lesson but again, I was wrong! Religion wasn't the biggest factor of the book and the story without it wouldn't have been a good one. I know a lot of people are sacred to read these two contemporaries but I say, fear not!

I don't even think I finished the first chapter before closing the book and having this expression on my face: O____O

The book is set in the south and you can tell from the writing. The dialogue and diction is how one would talk where the book is set and it was... weird. I sucked it up though and I'm glad I did! The dialogue is realistic to the setting and I'm glad the author choose to write in that style! I understand a reader who lives outside of the united states might have a harder time understanding the southern lingo but hey, it's realistic and what beats reality?

Deb Caletti is one of the authors who not only helped my English fluency, but also made me love reading along with making contemporary my favorite genre. The Nature of Jade was a great read about a girl getting over her fears and well, growing up and getting ready for college. It dealt with real issues I see in school every day, every year and Deb Caletti handles it so very well!

Those are some of my contemporary-must-read books. Did you like these books? Are they worth discussing or not? If you haven't read them and do give these fantastic books a chance, I do hope you enjoy them immensely. :D Thank you Amelia for having me today, this was a blast ♥ Contemporary FTW!