11 January 2012

NC Author Alert: Megan Miranda

Megan Miranda
author of Fracture

will be at...

Barnes & Noble, Birkdale Village
8725 Townley Road
Huntersville, NC

starting at NOON on the...

21st of January, 2012

I actually have not been able to read this book yet.  (It releases January 17.)  I've seen it around a lot and have heard many good things about it, but otherwise, I'm rather ignorant.  It looks really interesting, though, so I may make the trip to see what all the fuss is about. ;)  And I might be able to see a fellow blogger*!  If I do go, I'll make sure to get pictures/video and get a signed copy to give away on le blog.  (After all, my blogoversary is coming up!)

*special thanks to fellow blogger Aeicha @ Word Spelunker for passing along this information  ^_^