09 January 2012

Just For Kicks: Your Blog Annoys Me Because...

#18 - Your Blog Annoys Me Because...
  • You obviously have no idea how to coordinate.  Take some clues from blogs you admire for their aesthetic qualities.  I realize that your content is very important when it comes to getting followers.  However, getting your blog to look nice takes less time than writing your IMM.  Find blogs you like and look around.  Email them for advice.  You don't have to get a custom-made, $50 template for your blog.  You can do it for absolutely free.  So then, you can have great content and style.
  • Your In My Mailbox vlogs make you look unprofessional.  Don't get on camera and talk about books if you have no flipping clue what the heck they're about.  When you receive a book for review (even unexpectedly), the least you could do to show your appreciation is figure out what it's about.  Maybe, oh I don't know, do a little bit of research before you get on camera Sunday morning.  Nothing looks more ridiculous than hearing a blogger say, "I don't really know what this one is about." Forgetting an author's name or being horrible at summarizing is one thing, not caring enough not to read a summary is a different one altogether.
  • I don't know anything about you.  I can understand keeping your privacy and keeping safe on the internet, but we're bloggers here.  You're practically apart of the industry.  If I can't find your name, where you're residing (state-wise, at least country-wise), and roughly how old you are, I am seriously going to be turned off.  I don't need to know where you went to elementary school and why you broke up with your sophomore boyfriend.  How you came to blogging, your favorite books, etc. would be peachy keen.
  • You have no idea how to spell or use the English language properly.  It would be understandable (mostly) if you were twelve.  But once you hit the sixteen-year-old mark, you should be able to put a sentence together properly without resorting to text-talk and a billion exclamation marks.  Blogging is a hobby, yes, but if you're wanting an in on the industry, you should be able to write semi-professionally.
Those are just a few things that annoy me to no end.

what things turn you off when blog surfing?