23 January 2012

Just For Kicks: 8 Reasons Why It's Taking Forever to Read Inheritance

#19 - 8 Reasons Why It's Taking Forever to Finish Inheritance

Wherein I speak of why I have not yet finished Inheritance by Christopher Paolini, book four in the Inheritance cycle.

  1. Inheritance is, according to Goodreads.com, 860 pages long.  That's twice the length of the average "lengthy" YA book.  It's enough to use as a formidable weapon if someone tries breaking into your house.  In short (haha), it's LONG.  I would have to go into hibernation just to finish this book.  Not that I would mind going into hibernation.  Just give me a few month's worth of jelly beans, and no one is at risk of getting eaten.
  2. I may like fantasy more than the next person, but not enough to where people start calling me "Elflord" or that people groan when someone mentions Lord of the Rings in front of me.  Point:  Eragon was the first fantasy book series that I fell in love with, but I'm more inclined towards casual dating rather than a marriage.  And it might take me years to get through this last book.
  3. I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in a day and a half.  HP7 is, according to Goodreads.com, 759 pages long.  Eragon. is. not. Harry. Flipping. Scarhead. Starkid. Potter.
  4. I cannot pick up Inheritance without thinking about the crapfest that was made of the movie Eragon.  Too painful.
  5. My copy of Inheritance is doing very well sitting on my desk-side bookshelf.  It makes me look sophisticated when I have guests over.
  6. Being constantly reminded by Goodreads that I haven't finished this book yet helps me remember how to correctly spell "inheritance".
  7. ...I can't think of anything else.
  8. Refer to reason number 7.
If you haven't even bought Inheritance yet, don't talk.  At least I did my part to have the complete series on my shelves.