01 January 2012

In My Mailbox (67): The Massive One

Tallyho, my wonderful blogger friends! :)  Happy New Year to y'all.  Hope you all made it home safe last night (or this morning, whatever the case may be).

This week's -- the very first of 2012 -- features all the books I received the last two weeks of the year over winter break.  I went to Kentucky (that means HALF-PRICE BOOKS!), I received R.A.K., went to the library, and got books for Christmas.  Let's get started.

The Christmas Stash

Possession | Elana Johnson  I've been wanting to read this book for FOREVER.  (Don't know how many times I've said that before.)  I'm so excited to have received it for Christmas this year.

Girls Don't Fly | Kristen Chandler  Ms. Chandler is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.  I absolutely adored her book, Wolves, Boys, and Other Things That Might Kill Me and so when I found out she had written another book, I was stoked.

Beautiful Chaos | Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl  Um, YES! Finally got my hands on a copy of this lovely beauty.  I was so tense after the end of the second book, Beautiful Darkness, so I can't wait to dive into this one.

Brotherband: The Outcasts | John Flanagan  Let me just say this, if John Flanagan has as many books planned for the Brotherband series as he had in the Ranger's Apprentice series, I'm gonna need another bookshelf.

Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions | Marr, Armstrong  I picked this up because Jackson Pearce had written a short story for it (and I love Jackson Pearce's work).  There are a BUNCH of other awesome authors in there as well.  I do love anthologies.


Bright Young Things | Anna Godbersen  My hold requests on this book kept expiring at the library, but now I have my own copy.  I've heard a bunch of awesome things about this book.  I can't wait to see how it lives up.

Trickster's Girl | Hilari Bell  Though I've never read any of Hilari Bell's work, I have always wanted to.  When I saw this at Half-Price Books and read the summary, I knew it was destined to be awesome.  Now I just have to read it to find out if I'm right. ;)

Glow | Amy Kathleen Ryan  I read somewhere that this one was slated to "be the next Hunger Games" but I don't know how much I believe that.  This is an ARC edition and though it dropped the Hunger Games card, I think I might like it.  The summary was really intriguing.

Anna and the French Kiss | Stephanie Perkins  Oh boy.  I have heard numerous good things about this book.  It's like everyone who's ever read it absolutely loved it.  Well, I originally passed it up because of the title--I mean, oy.  But when I saw it at Half-Price Books for $3.99, I figured, I might as well.

Hereafter | Tara Hudson  Another ARC edition, I have been intrigued by this book for a while, even though I feel it might fall into several common pitfalls in paranormal romance.  It's always interested me, though, so I made sure to pick it up.

R.A.K.: Wintertown | Stephen Emond  Compliments to the ever-lovely Amanda @ Letters Inside Out for sending along her ARC edition of this book that has been on my wishlist since the dawn of time.  I thought the release date would never be announced on Amazon!  Jeepers!  Then suddenly, I had my own copy, because Amanda is completely awesome. :)


Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac | Gabrielle Zevin  I read this book a long time ago and I remember really being haunted by it.  It's one of those books that really stayed with you.  I still remember this single scene (that I won't repeat because it's a spoiler).  I never bought this book way back when so I picked it up.

Prince of Mist | Carlos Ruiz Zafon  I feel like I am constantly spelling this guy's name wrong.  Anyways.  I got a really nifty bookmark featuring this book a while ago and it has intrigued me ever since.

Daughter of Xanadu | Dori Jones Yang  Girl warrior?  A slice of history?  Dude, I'm totally in.

Blind Faith | Ellen Wittlinger  Blind Faith was another one of those books that I read forever ago but stayed with me.  I call one of my aunts "Bunny" now, after the grandmother of the main character in this book.  Like Memoirs, I remember selective scenes, but I wanted a copy of my own.

Impossible | Nancy Werlin  I've always loved this lady's name.  And I love Irish lore.  (I think it's Irish lore--*wince*--I hate not being sure.  Just a feeling, folks.  Don't quote me on it.)  I tried picking it up once before and I couldn't really get into it but it's just one of those books that I want to get into.

Num8ers | Rachel Ward  We have the sequel to this at my school library (pretty sure) and the topic is interesting.  Even though the corner is ripped a little, I still wanted to read it.

The Amulet of Samarkand | Jonathan Stroud  I read the summary and immediately wanted to read it.  'Nuff said.

The Library

Warrior: A Visual History of the Fighting Man | R.G. Grant  I love seeing and reading about things on ancient warriors since fantasy has always been a favorite genre of mine.  Well, the story I'm writing now requires some interesting battle background as well as some modern stuff, so this book, so far, has been a great resource.

Style | Lauren Conrad  Alright, let's make this short and sweet.  I knew about this book through seeing a bunch of other bloggers getting it, and I've made the incredible revelation recently that I am, in fact, a girl.  And I am pretty much ignorant in terms of style, soooo...I thought I would need some help.  So far it has made little to no sense whatsoever, but I still have hope.

Froi of the Exiles - Melina Marchetta (WHOO!)
Allegiance - Cayla Kluver (double WHOO!)

*  *  *

Holy cow.  Did you make it through all that?  Cause that was a LOT of books.

I didn't even bother showing you all the jewelry I got for Christmas. ;)  Or my new phone (NOT an iPhone.  An HTC Evo Shift.)

In other news, I have not made up a list of New Year's Resolutions 2012 for this here blog, but I have them in my head.  As of now, I'm working on getting some more awesome authors over to feature on my blog and I've got giveaways coming.  (Keep in mind that my blogoversary is coming up. *winkwinknudgenudge*)

Anyways.  Y'all be safe this year.  (Not that I'm going anywhere, I'm just saying.  For luck.)

what did you get in your mailbox?