04 December 2011

In My Mailbox (65)

I love December.  Christmas songs are my all-time favorite to listen on the radio because they never get old or go out of style.  (Silver Bells and Carol of the Bells are my two favorite Christmas songs, FYI.  Any Christmas song done by Nat King Cole, FTW.  Any Christmas song performed by Elvis....oy.... -___-)

My friend and I baked sugar cookies and used cute cookie cutters on them.  This was my first time ever making cookies with cookie cutters.  I feel as if my childhood is complete.  We baked them.  They sucked.  No, really.  We threw them away.

Burned | Ellen Hopkins  I have never read anything of Ellen Hopkins' but one of my classmates in the library told me that she'd check out Lament by Maggie Stiefvater if I checked out this one.  It's the next one on my to-read list.  I've heard a lot of great things about Ellen Hopkins.  I also know she's been the target for book challenges/bans so...all the more reason to read her books!

Also, I realized today that I never showed y'all pictures of my new computer!  (And if I already did, I don't remember.  Just go with me here.)

Roughly a month ago I got an iMac.  You might have already read my post lamenting the loss of my precious Windows Live Writer because I can't get it on my mac. :(

Here's my desk now.  IT LOOKS SO CLEAN.  And I have so much space on it now that I can actually do my math homework at my desk.  It's revolutionary.  My iPod has practically dropped into the shadows because I play all my music from my iMac now since iTunes actually works on an actual mac.  Nifty stuff.

Yep.  That's my new iMac, peeps.  Purdy, ain't it?

Want a tour?  Okay.

That notebook lying randomly beside my keyboard is my writing notebook.  Those books stacked on top of my tissue box in the upper left corner of my desk are writing books and my kindle.  On the other side, those stack of books are my immediate to-read books.  And yes, that is an empty bottle of water.

I'll have to do a proper tour of my desk one day because there's some nifty stuff hidden in the shadows, like the broken base of a candle that's shaped like the Eiffel tower from last year's prom.  ^__^

In a couple of weeks I'll do a Christmas Decoration edition of In My Mailbox because the Christmas tree has been successfully decorated AND we have a clock that busts out a Christmas song on the hour. :D

what did you get in your mailbox?