10 November 2011

Tossed Out At Sea: A Windows Live Writer Lament

There once was a girl
Whose blog was her world
Then Mac came along
And sung a good song
Now she's left out in the cold.

For a long time now, Windows Live Writer has been my go-to tool for setting up blog posts.  I love the thing to death, and now, it seems, I am to let it go.

I'm not going down without getting at least a cough in my assailant's face.

(Though my iMac is so awesome, I have a hard time calling it an "assailant".  If you are just now aware I got an iMac the other day, that's because I haven't covered it yet on the blog.  That'll be for Sunday's In My Mailbox because yeah, it's not book related but it's still wicked awesome.)

This "cough" in the face of my assailant will be in the form of asking YOU Mac bloggers about your tool for writing blog posts.  I know the Blogger interface can be an absolute horror to use sometimes.  What do you suggest, Mac users?  What is a decent alternative to my precious Windows Live Writer?  (Oh yeah, something free would be nice, thanks.  I burned through my entire life savings on this iMac.)

If you have no idea what Windows Live Writer is, your life is not complete.  It was suggested to me by the completely awesome Smash @ Smash Attack Reads.  She, like me, covets her WLW and promised that I would too.  (I do.)  Windows Live Writer is an excellent blog-posting tool.  It's easy to use (once you sort out some of the minor oddities) and makes my posts look fantastic.  There's no interference on the part of the Blogger interface.