24 November 2011

The Thanksgiving Post

Usually I don't jump on the bandwagon when it comes to holiday posts.  (I generally stay away from the mainstream.)  But I have a lot to be thankful for, and my blogger friends are among the top of them.

I'm not going to point out specific people (you know who you are anyway) but to anyone who comments on my posts, thank you.  :)  No matter who's commented or what they say, it always makes me smile.  I mean, at first.  Once I read the post and see who's commented, I generally smile more.  :)

This blog has been a great source of happiness for me.  Some of it may be hard won happiness and some of it bittersweet, but I've met fantastic people through this blog.  It's given me a chance to find other people who salivate in the bookstore as much as I do.  (Did you know I didn't have any napkins on me the other day?  How embarrassing, drooling in the YA section of Books A Million.)

So I'd like to say thank you for all my followers, who actually comment on my whacky, fan-girly reviews and other assorted posts.  And thank you, blogosphere, for giving me the opportunity to find something I actually like wasting my time on.  (Other than Robin Hood and Lie to Me.)

Now I've got to go fend off the inevitable crises that come with my mother antagonizing the kitchen.  All while A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving goes full blast in the background.

Happy Thanksgiving!