25 November 2011

Interview: Darby Karchut (Griffin's Fire)

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The only creature who can harm an angel is another angel. 

Armed with the power to control the ancient elements of Earth and Fire, sixteen-year-old Griffin is determined to complete his apprenticeship and rise to the rank of Terrae Angeli.

But first, he must overcome a brutal past if he is to survive in this world.  Will the perseverance of his mentor and the love of a mortal girl give Griffin the courage he needs to face the monster still haunting him?
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It is my great pleasure to have Ms. Darby Karchut returning to the blog.  She's here to talk about her upcoming book Griffin's Fire and answer some other irrelevant, equally-juicy questions.  ;)

1.  You're coming up on the release of your second novel.  Thoughts?
Does squeeeeeee count as a thought? I’m so excited about book two. To have the opportunity to continue Griffin’s story is a dream come true, especially after Griffin Rising has been so well received by readers. Currently, Griffin Rising, along with several other books from my publisher, Twilight Times Book, is being “talked up” in Hollywood and at various film festivals worldwide by an international strategic consultant.

2.  How was writing the second novel different from the first?
It was so much easier, let me tell you. I had outlined both books right from the start, so when I completed Griffin Rising, I jumped right into the next book. And since I had the characters and setting established, the writing was a breeze compared to my first book. In Griffin’s Fire, I’ve introduce a new character who was an absolute crack up to write and a perfect foil to my protagonist.

3.  How do you think you've evolved as a writer so far?  What new tricks have you learned?
I’ve really worked on not “overwriting.” As with most authors, I want to get better with each book and I am working hard on making my writing crisper. I have also given myself permission to break more rules of writing if it makes the story better. Everything is about the Story.

4.  You're currently writing in a series.  Do you think you'll always write in a series, or do stand-alones look appealing? 
You know, I’ve never thought about it, really. I knew Griffin would be a four book series from the beginning. However, I have learned never to say never in this industry. Fantasy lends itself so well to series; plus I am a child of Tolkien. I guess I was raised to write in multiples.

5.  Do you find yourself distracted by other shiny story ideas? 
Not distracted per se as I am fully committed to finishing the third and fourth book in my Griffin series. The rough draft of book three, Griffin’s Storm, is done. But I have recently completed the first book in a new middle grade urban fantasy based on Celtic mythology blended with South African folklore. An unusual mix, but I think it works.

6.  Any morsels for us to savor over concerning the upcoming Griffin’s Fire
In this next book, Griffin’s Mentor is forced to take on a new apprentice, the arrogant and gifted seventeen year old Sergei. Tension fills the house as the two teens immediately launch into a 21st century version of the Cold War. All the while, ex-angel Griffin struggles with public high school for the first time, complete with an algebra teacher from hell. But Griffin is hiding a secret; one that could cost him Katie’s love and Basil’s trust.

Amelia, thanks again for letting me talk about my books with everyone. Please ask me any questions!

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All her life, the archetypal hero and his journey have enthralled Darby Karchut. A native of New Mexico, Darby grew up in a family thatvenerated books and she spent her childhood devouring one fantasy novel after another. Fascinated by mythologies from around the world, she attended the University of New Mexico, graduating with a degree in anthropology. After moving to Colorado, she then earned a Master’s in education and became a social studies teacher.

Drawing from her extensive knowledge of world cultures, she blends ancient myths with modern urban life to write stories that relate to young teens today.

Darby is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and the Pikes Peak Writers Guild. She lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado with her husband, where she still teaches at a local junior high school. She enjoys running, biking, and skiing the Rocky Mountains in all types of weather.

Griffin Rising is her first novel. She is currently working on the sequel, Griffin's Fire.