21 November 2011

Coming Soon: Recommendations from The Authoress

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Recommendations from
The Authoress

I love recommending books to people.  Luckily enough, people don't seem to mind my enthusiasm as I whip out a piece of notebook paper, hijack the closest pen and start writing down books they should read.  Usually, they don't mind the interrogation as I ask, "What books do you like?  You love that?  Then you'll love this!"  *insert me rapidly writing down titles of relevance*

"But aren't reviews already like recommendations?" you ask.

"Of course they are!" I say.

Yes, reviews are very similar in nature to recommendations.  The entire point of a review is to explain why you love a book so that other people will love it to.  Problem with me is?  I've got a nasty streak of morality in me.  I don't post spoilers in my reviews.  Ever.  Because I'm one of those people who HATES to read a review and come across a spoiler about the book.  Ew.  They're nasty.  I can't swallow those.  But lately, as I've come across so, so, so, SO many good books, I want to rant about them.  I want to reference specific scenes and point out exactly what turned me on.

Can't do that in a review.

Recommendations from The Authoress will be a semi-regular meme where I take one of my absolute favorite books that I've recently read and talk about why I love it.  Not in a book review format.  I will completely unleash my fan-girlyness in these posts.  I will rant, rave, and recount every moment the book made me buzz.

And I will also go into depth about why you should love it, too. ;)

These "memes" (for lack of a better word) will be, like I said, semi-regular.  The basis of the frequency of which I post depends on how good the books I've read recently are and if I have the time/energy to take out of my hectic senior year in order to write up a raving post about a book.

Important, Critical, Vital Note:  These posts will absolutely INCLUDE SPOILERS.  I will not hold back.  If you haven't read the book and don't want to know anything about it until you've read it for yourself, don't read those posts.  Until after you've read it, at least.  Because these posts will also be open calls for discussion.

You've been warned.

Still.  Because people are, well, human, I will still include a spoiler alert in every Recommendation post.  Just so you'll always be able to catch yourself if you find yourself straying.

Can't wait to get started!  Hope you'll join in on the hysterical raving discussions with me. :)