10 October 2011

Just for Kicks: College (Part 2)

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Just For Kicks is a weekly meme held by me, The Authoress, that lets us share whatever random thing we want—whether it's book related or not is up to you.

#9 – College (Again)

Ever looked back on something you did/wrote a while ago and wanted to melt into the carpet in embarrassment?  Yeah.  My first post on college was hectic and wild with naiveté.   I've calmed down a lot since then.  I've spent whole weekends on CollegeBoard.com searching for colleges and narrowing down what I need, what I want, and what I can live without.

And I've found a college I'm really psyched for, but here's the sitch:

My plan right now is to wait a year before I go to college because I already know what I want to do (creative writing) and as I am already working on a book, I don't need to go to school to get my career started.

Waiting a year also has many benefits:

  • it will give me time to save up more money
  • it will give me time to work on and hopefully publish my novel, which therefore contributes more money for school
  • it will allow me to re-take the SAT and up my score so that I can apply to better scholarships

There have been discussions that have killed off the idea of college altogether if I can get my career started and rolling.  But I have rejected this idea because I really want to go to college for more than just academics.  I want the experience (something my old man has a hard time swallowing). 

I am, however, applying to one college that has a great scholarship for a free ride and a great creative writing program.

The university I really want to go to is Miami University at Oxford, Ohio.  It has become my college of choice and I've gotten some awesome stuff in the mail from them—it makes me want to go next year! ARUGH.  Still.  By the time I'll be applying for MU, I'll be living only two and a half hours away so I can have time to visit the campus, meet faculty members, and learn more about their Creative Writing program.

Miami University, man.  Ohio.  SNOW.

I've almost forgotten about my insecurities about dorm life and independence.  I feel like I'm really going to discover a lot about myself as soon as I'm out there in the world, taking care of myself.  I'm excited. :)

Are you a senior or otherwise impending college student?  Any thoughts on college?