09 October 2011

In My Mailbox (60)

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So another long stretch during which I have bought only a SINGLE book.  But.  I wanted to spice up this post with talk other than of how I am totally book deprived.  I wen to the Renaissance Festival yesterday!  First time—so I have lost my Renaissance Festival virginity.  But book first, then pictures. :)

DSC00495 copy

Ranger's Apprentice: The Lost Stories | John Flanagan  Not only is John Flanagan a beast, but his stories are a beast.  I've been reading Ranger's Apprentice since I was somewhere around nine-years-old and I still remember the day I checked out Ruins of Gorlan and began reading it right there in the library.

John Flanagan is coming out with another series, The Brotherband Chronicles, the first book of which is set to come out November 1st.  So get ready to buy it!

Now, Renaissance photos!


Isn't this the CUTEST thing!?  There was a lady who was sitting in the front of the shop making another one—right in front of everybody.  It was so incredible to watch.  I seriously need this.


Here's the whole set.  The whole shop was full of these things.  SO CUTE.


I bought this for $10 at one of the shops.  It is SO GORGEOUS!  It's so long though that I have to wear it under my shirt. XD  The black cord gives me an edgy look though.  Very sexy.  They had so many dragon things—I was in complete heaven.


I got this one for $25 at a different shop.  The lady there was so nice and let me try on all the ones I was interested in before I finally decided on this one.  This is an Argenti product.  They have the most beautiful jewelry—my friend bought one of their lacy horse necklaces.  But you can't buy their stuff online!! D:<  They'll be at the festival for several more weeks, though, so I'm planning on going back because I am a complete jewelry whore.

That was my exciting weekend!


what did you get in your mailbox?