23 September 2011

Whoops! I'm back…

You might've noticed (maybe not) that I haven't posted in almost ten days.  I've had to move back my "Blood Magic" review THREE times.  Then, I went to post a review earlier in the week (something that had been scheduled but mysteriously never posted) and I had a crapload of trouble with Blogger's new interface.  Seriously messed up my formatting.  So that's why today I'm posting up my review of "The Girl of Fire and Thorns" by Rae Carson because it was a seriously awesome book and it is OUT NOW.  So you should go buy it.  Yeah.  For realz.

Again, I apologize.  I will be spending this weekend catching up with blog stuff.  I have some stuff to send out.  OH!  Which reminds me.  There's seven days left on my 100 Twitter Follower Giveaway.  Might wanna go enter into that, too.  Thank ya.