29 August 2011

Just For Kicks: School

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Just For Kicks is a weekly meme held by me, The Authoress, that lets us share whatever random thing we want—whether it's book related or not is up to you.

#7 – School

So I've already covered the college angle, but I just wanted to complain talk briefly about my high school.  Just a little background info: I'm a senior this year and school started last Thursday (the 25th) for me.

So I'm not here entirely to complain.  Nah.  Everyone has the same issues with school.  Boring.  Crappy teachers.  No friends.  So let's put that aside and just compare and contrast.

First.  I think my school system is really unique.  Why?  Because for some ungodly reason someone thought it was a cool idea to only give us four classes a day—at an hour and a half each.  I have not met another person that only has four classes a day at an hour and a half each.  I've only ever heard of six/seven classes a day at about fifty minutes each.

I think this is extremely weird.  How do you get anything done in fifty minutes?  Seriously.  You get in, the teacher spends ten minutes trying to calm the class down and take roll and then you've only got forty minutes to do stuff.  Not even that.  People pack up five minutes before the bell rings.  So there's thirty-five minutes.  That just doesn't seem like enough time to do anything.  ESPECIALLY take a test.  Those would be some SHORT tests!

Also.  My school is GINORMOUS.  We have 2200 kids this year.  Three-level building.  Two gyms.  Football field.  Student parking.  Teacher parking.  Bus parking.  Visitor parking.  TWENTY TWO HUNDRED STUDENTS.  It's quite ridiculous actually.  I feel bad for the incoming freshmen.  They get lost so easily.  I enrolled at my HS in sophomore year but I have a map fetish so I found a school map and never had a problem.

My school also starts at 7:15.  I wake up at five thirty.  'Nuff said.

How are your schedules formatted?  Do you have four classes a day?  Or six?  Or seven?  How many kids are at your school?  What time does your school start/end?