08 August 2011

Just For Kicks: Lists

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Just For Kicks is a weekly meme held by me, The Authoress, that lets us share whatever random thing we want—whether it's book related or not is up to you.

#4 – Lists

I am a list person.  I make lists for everything.  So I always have to have an ample supply of Post-It notes because that's what I make my lists on.  Order AND stickiness!  It's a match made in heaven!

Right now, I've got the following lists on Post-It notes scattered in various places around my desk: the amount of money in my college fund, reminders (Eye doctor @ 2 o'clock last Friday), books available at my library, the tuition rates for EKU, Blogology to-do list, and the books I want to eventually request at NetGalley.

And that's just on my desk.

I am crazy about order—but not neatness.  (Well, neatness yeah, but not as much.  The state of my desk area is a testament to that.)  I have write down what I need to do or else I'll completely forget about it and it won't get done.

So this is extremely applicable when it comes to my writing.  I have to write things down or else it's gone forever.  I won't remember them.  That's not true when it comes to the overall plot and the characters, but when it comes to dialogue?  I NEED A PEN AND PAPER!  Funny thing is, I don't have to write things down in order to remember the plot of another book.  I remember the authors, titles, and plots of every book I read.  (Mostly. Lol.  Doesn't mean I can effectively summarize it for you.)

My story notes are horrific—in size and disorder.  I keep practically every scrap I ever wrote any kind of story note on.  So all those notes are in a box in my closet labeled "All Writing Related Stuff".  It's mostly why I don't let my friends see my closet.  Nothing orderly in there.

My dad's technique is really effective.  He'll consolidate his notes every couple of months in a simple binder or notebook.  That way I can throw the notes away and just keep the binder/notebook.  Except I'm nostalgic and paranoid that if I throw those notes away, they'll be worth money some day when I'm famous and on my death bed.

Are you a list person?  How do you organize?  Do you keep everything in your head?