01 August 2011

Just For Kicks (3)

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Just For Kicks is a weekly meme held by me, The Authoress, that lets us share whatever random thing we want—whether it's book related or not is up to you.

This week handles a BIG topic:


Like, holy crap.

Now, first you should know that right now I'm a rising senior and I won't be going to college for at least another year.  But I'm going to have to start applying in about six months.

…Again, holy crap.

When I'm nervous about something, I always feel like I'm the only person in the entire world who was nervous about that particular thing.  So me stressing over college makes me feel pretty small about the whole thing.

Also, I tend to think that most stress comes from not knowing what to expect.  So here are some things that I don't know what to expect:

#1 – Dorms
I'm pretty sure that I want a dorm because I figure this is a great way to interact in campus life and also to meet a new person and gain the experience of learning to deal with a new person that you have to share a small space with.  I think having a roommate and a dorm is a small stepping stone to sharing an apartment with someone.

Thing is, what is my dorm going to come with?  How do I figure out how to work the campus laundry?  Am I going to have to bring my own chairs?  What the heck do I bring with me when I live in a dorm?  Tiny stuff drives me crazy.  Like, how often should I vacuum and stuff like that.  Should I pack cleaning supplies?  What if my roommate has a boyfriend over at night?  Is getting a dorm really critical to being submerged in campus life?  Is getting an apartment a better option, even though I'll be barely over 18?

#2 – Classes
My dad has explained that I'll probably have classes two to three times a week for roughly two hours each.  Then he launches in about credit hours and you have to have so much per semester and I'm like, what?  A big thing for me is scheduling.  I want to know how classes generally work.  So I won't be having them every day?  Should I worry about having too much free time?  Should I worry about not having enough?  How many classes do I have to sign up for?

#3 – Freedom
Should I completely cut myself off financially from my parents so that I know what it's really like to live by myself and not having any kind of dependency on someone?  Is that even possible, or probable? 

#4 – Dating
I don't really have anything to ask about this but I'm just expressing my general stress.  I haven't had a boyfriend yet.  (I'm a senior and haven't had a boyfriend.  Even to me, that's kinda sad.)  Am I going to be sooo caught up with classes that I should swear off dating?  Eek.  How is that going to turn out?  Maybe I should hope that since I've made it through high school without any offers, I could make it through college without any as well?

#5 – Money
The constant question for college students, I hear, is getting the funds for life.  Funds come from jobs.  If I have a steady job, I should be okay money-wise right?  I may not be able to sustain my current book-buying habits (not like they're crazy, honest) but what will I have to cover besides tuition?: clothes, supplies, gas.  For the average college student, how tight does the money situation get?

Anyways…those are just some big ones.  I'm pretty scared about being out on my own but I'm also pretty excited.  I have a good idea what I'm going to major in and I've got a list of prospective colleges I want to apply to.  And today I'm visiting a college in downtown Charlotte, though I'm not planning on going there, not seriously at least.  I probably won't be staying in North Carolina for college.

My dad has also told me that I could consider taking a year off before going to college so I could write my book and get published so some of that money could pay for my tuition.  I think it's a plausible idea, but one I haven't thought about much.

Are you in college now?  Have you been to college?  Any advice you can give me for preparation?  Any experiences you'd like to share?  Feel free to make your own Just for Kicks post and share with me in the comments. :)