07 August 2011

In My Mailbox (56)

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Weekly Recap: My big news?  Power went out for an hour and a half last night.  FUNFUNFUN!  Actually, it would've been more fun (funner?) if I'd been having a co-ed sleepover.  ;)

Actually, I have other big news (no, I am not pregnant) but you'll have to do some picture-viewing for that.

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River Marked | Patricia Briggs  THANK YOU GOD!  It finally came in at the library.  I can't buy this yet because it isn't in Mass Market Paperback and I can't stand mixed edition series.  But I can read it from the library!  Patricia Briggs is awesome.  I love her work.

DSC00420 copy

The Lord of the Rings trilogy | 6-disc Blu-Ray set  Ironic thing is? I used to hate this movie trilogy when I was younger.  Scared the flipping crap out of me.  Now, I love watching the movies.  But I haven't read the books yet, though I recently bought a copy of "The Hobbit".

DSC00417 copy

What's that?  Oh, it's a bit hard to see?  Here, lemme zoom in a bit.

DSC00418 copy

Still a bit fuzzy?  Unfamiliar territory?  A bit closer, then.

DSC00419 copy

Better?  Just in case…
Kindle 3 | Amazon  It's sadly true that I've taken the first step to going over to the dark side.  (Now I just need a boyfriend and the process will be complete.)  But this is a great way for me to get e-galleys.  And I already have!

For Review | Kindle

The Girl of Fire and Thorns | Rae Carson
The Poison Diaries: Nightshade | Maryrose Wood
Graffiti Moon | Cate Crowley


What did you get in your mailbox?