19 August 2011

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Weekly Recap:  I finally found the time to finish "Uncommon Criminals" by Ally Carter.  SUCH A GOOD BOOK.  If I weren't so totally against stalking people, I would be, like, totally stalking Ally Carter.  Also, school is in six days.


And unlike the rest of the teenage population, I'm actually excited to go back for my senior year.  Not only because it's my SENIOR YEAR and I can finally get it all over with, but because all my friends are people I know through school.  And I am SUCH a routine oriented person.  Having a set routine always helps me.  SCHOOL = NECESSARY EVIL = ROUTINE

Other than that, I have a newfound obsession with the band Flyleaf. <3

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  • Uncommon Criminals – Ally Carter (8/20)
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Q&A: My part in the literary world…

If I were to have my own part in a book…*stops to laugh ironically* (I used to write myself into books all the time when I was little.  It was a great jumpstart on my writing career.)  I'd want to be apart of the world of Eragon by Christopher Paolini.  I'd want to be that kickass witty girl that can fight like a beast but can make everyone laugh.  And of course, I'd want to be a Dragon Rider or something equally important.

Eragon by Christopher Paolini is what inspired me to start writing fantasy.  Before, I had done all contemporary fiction like Sarah Dessen, but I was fascinated by the map of Alagaesia and wanted to draw my own.  From there, I came up with a fairy story that only went thirty chapters.  I got right up to the battle scene and then couldn't continue. >.> Yeah. Youth, right?

And because I needed a laugh this morning and you might too: