12 August 2011

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My life is beyond crazy right now.  No!  It's in the state of post-crazy: after all the crazy stuff has gone down and you're left to look around, stunned.  My best friend tells me this crazy stuff is "the trials we're given in life and we just gotta prove we're strong enough to get past them". 

Good thing?  DUDE.  I'm freaking WRITING.  DAILY.  My critique partner is a beast and we're helping each other get our stories off the ground.  She's also a freaking writing machine and so I've been having to really focus and churn out some craptastic writing in order to match her whopping 12,000 words a week.  (Broken down it's not as scary.  It's about 1,700 words a day.)  Writing crappy stuff is actually very therapeutic.  So, good on that front.

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  • Uncommon Criminals – Ally Carter (8/13)
  • Past Midnight – Mara Purnhagen (8/17)


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Q&A: The genres I'm in love with currently…

When I was younger, I was into contemporary stuff.  I never really liked fantasy other than Harry Potter.  After I turned thirteen, I got into the urban fantasy stuff.  Right now, it's practically all I read except for the occasional contemporary (like Sarah Dessen and Kody Keplinger).  Let's never forget medieval fantasy, either.  I'm a big Cinda Williams Chima fan, as well as Tamora Pierce.