05 August 2011

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I get to go to the eye doctor—again—today.  FAWBULOUS.  Not really.  I recently got contacts and when I was there trying to put them in by myself—cause I'm a little phobish with other people sticking their fingers in my eyes—it took me forty-five minutes.  Embarrassing.  So yeah.  I get to go back.  Yaaaayyyy….>.>

Positive note?  I FINALLY GOT RIVER MARKED BY PATRICIA BRIGGS.  Thank you, Jesus!  AND!  (Oh yeah, there's an and.)  I got "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy in Blu-Ray today.  AND AND! (Two ands.)  Saturday, I'm getting a Kindle.  Oorah!

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Q&A: The book that influenced me the most...
I'm seventeen-years-old right now.  I started reading Harry Potter when I was five.  There was no transforming from an average reader to avid: I started with avid and worked my way up from there.  My mom used to read to me every night on her bed with my brother.  And I used to tell her, "You have to read as many books as my age".  So when I was three, she had to read three books a night, and so on.  Harry Potter introduced me to novels.  I didn't devour books at first, but they were always there.  I've always had a steady appetite for reading.  All because Harry Potter.