19 July 2011

Raven's Strike by Patricia Briggs

Seraph is among the last of the Travelers, those who strive to destroy the dark magic released by their ancestors' mistakes.  Seraph tried to escape her people's duty and live a quiet life, until evil found her…and her family.

A cunning new force for darkness called the Shadowed stalks the land, feeding on death, destruction, and the sleeping Stalker's power.  He plans to wake the Stalker, wreaking untold havoc, but he needs those who bear the Travelers' magic to release the dark god…and he has his sights set on Seraph and her family.

Now Seraph must use all her cunning and ability as a Raven mage to track down the Shadowed and strike against him before it is too late…

Another inventive and engaging story by Patricia Briggs.  I really wish there were more than two books.  I think Patricia Briggs could have made a whole short story collection with these characters, as distinctive and loving as they are.  A duo, frankly, is just not enough.

With Raven's Strike in particular, however, I must say that I wasn't AS engaged as I was with the first book, Raven's Shadow The beginning lagged for me, the middle was breathlessly exciting.  For the ending, it wasn't that it wasn't thrilling, it's just that it wasn't so compelling as to get me to hurry up and finish it.  It did end fantastically though once I read it.  I'm really sad to give these characters up.

What compelling characters they are!  Combined with Patricia Briggs' envious talent for world building makes me fantasize about hanging out with these characters for a day—or tagging along for their adventures.  When characters aren't forced onto the reader, I tend to respond better towards them.  No one can present characters like Patricia Briggs.

A fantastic fantasy.  And if fantasy isn't your thing and you still want a taste of Patricia Briggs awesomeness, check out her urban fantasy/paranormal romance books, the Mercy Thompson series.  (It's my favorite adult series.)

Book Info:
  • pages – paperback, 381
  • published – July 2005
  • publisher – Ace
  • genre – fantasy
  • received via – library :)
  • rating – 4/5
  • series - Raven Duology
    • Raven's Shadow | Review
    • Raven's Strike