18 July 2011

Just For Kicks (1)

ss_justforkicks1 copy

Just For Kicks is a weekly meme held by me, The Authoress, that lets us share whatever random thing we want—whether it's book related or not is up to you.

I have really weird animals.  And I have a weird inclination to share the weirdness of my animals through pictures.  I have waaaay too many pictures of my animals on my computer.  And I've taken to posting pictures of my animals on the memes I participate in, like In My Mailbox and Follow Friday, just cause they happened to have done something funny that day.

(This strange loyalty to photographing my cat inspired the use of a cat in this meme's graphic.)

Giving in to this inclination, I'd like to share a few fond pictures of my animals with you today.


You may recognize this mutt.  This is Dora, whom I featured in my July 10th IMM.  This is one of her more ridiculous (and most common) poses.  Though it looks distinctly uncomfortable, she sleeps this way a lot.


This other mutt is new to my animal showcasing via le blog.  This is Heidi, my family's nearly ten-year-old Sheltie (mini Collie).  Out of our two dogs, Heidi is by far the most annoying.  She loves to bark whenever anyone does anything mildly aggressive, which sets Dora off (and being a German shepherd, her bark is loud enough to wake up the dead buried across the street).  Heidi does a good job with hide and seek, though. :)


And this psychotic bundle of fur is my cat, Gigi, though she's only ever called Cat or Her Highness.  Don't let that cute exterior fool you.  She's the devil in angel's clothing (or fur, I should say).  Those ears are illusions for her horns.  The two of us have a very love-hate relationship.  She scratches up my arm, I annoy the crap out of her.  She wakes me up at seven o'clock on a Saturday morning, I know how to pet her the best.  She also sticks out her paw whenever I walk in the room and wake her up, as if to say, "You may kiss the paw of Queen Gigi."

Those are the animals of our household, though it feels more like three extra children.  Also, my dad and I swear that the cat and Dora are blood related.  Our evidence is this:


Compare it to the picture of Dora and need I say more?

I fear that my cat might be suicidal.  She will attack Dora—a German shepherd and ten times her size—and proceed to bite Dora's neck like a freaking vampire.  No blood is ever drawn as Dora's ruff is thick and the cat's jaws not wide enough to cause damage.  Considering the cat's entire head can fit inside Dora's mouth (of which I've seen happen a few times) it seriously makes me consider the mental health of my cat.

Do you have animals?  Are the really weird and possibly suicidal like mine?  Feel free to make your own Just For Kicks post and share with me in the comments. :)