11 July 2011

It's Monday! What are you reading?

By some interference of the book gods, I've been reading and reviewing like crazy these past two weeks with almost a review every day (except for meme days).  Except for today.  I have no review yet (because Raven's Strike comes tomorrow) so a meme it is!

I've read and reviewed all those books last week.  Pretty good, methinks.  I've employed a new library technique.  I only check out three to four books and I have to read and review ALL of them before I can get anymore books.  And while I'm waiting for more books to come in at the library (cause it'll take forever sometimes—I waited ten months for Raven's Shadow) I have to read a book off my own shelf that I haven't read yet.

While I was wallowing in my own conviction of genius, I planned out what I'm going to read THIS week.  This one, sorry, is going to be in list form because that's how it is in real life—on a post it note on my desk.

This Week:

  • Raven's Strike – Patricia Briggs
  • Nightspell – Leah Cypess
  • Past Midnight – Mara Purnhagen
  • The Maze Runner – James Dashner

I dare not do more.  Encroaching on my reading schedule is an intense desire to write, so of course I must give in.  I'm also participating in Follow Fridays now, so that takes up Friday for a review.  I also have an interview this week with the wonderful Leah Cypess, so that leaves Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for reviews.

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