10 July 2011

In My Mailbox (52)

ss_inmymailbox2 copy
In all honesty, a short week.  A lifted burden, however, when I found I completely forgot to include two books I got for my birthday, which I said I was going to show you.  Yeah, I know you lost some sleep over it, but fear not, for they are here.

Special thanks to the Harlequin Teen Panel.

DSC00364 copy
Exile | Anne Osterlund  (companion novel to Aurelia) This is a published copy, which I had put down on my birthday wish list to support this awesome author.  I've read the ARC edition and loved it—duh, it's an Anne Osterlund novel, what's there not to love?—but I knew I wanted a published copy.

Nightspell | Leah Cypess  (companion novel to Mistwood)  Lovely cover, isn't it?  "Mistwood" was awesome so I was psyched to get the companion novel.

DSC00367 copy
Past Midnight | Mara Purnhagen  (Past Midnight #1)  This is for review.  I've seen it around, but other than that, I don't too much about it or the author.  So we'll see!

And for kicks | Dora  This is my goofy German shepherd, Dora.  (D-d-d-dora…Dora the Explorer!)  No, she wasn't named after the show.  That's the name she had at the Human Society shelter when we bought her.  Name kinda stuck.  She's adorable, if antisocial to non-family members.  Has a fetish for tennis balls.

What did you get in your mailbox?

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