14 June 2011

School Year Recap + Summer Intro

So the insane sudden desire to watch Anastasia aside, the fact remains that I am now OUT OF SCHOOL!  AND A RISING SENIOR!  Yup, that’s right dudes.  Next year, I’m ruling the school.  ^_^

This year was pretty good.  I met new friends and reconnected with old ones, even if I didn’t manage to get my original goal of 100 books read.  I changed the goal to 50 a couple of months ago and I actually made that goal with a book to spare.

So let’s recap, yes?

Between August 25th, 2010 to June 10th, 2011, I managed to read:

Bold signifies an ARC review (actually  have a few of those!!), the asterisk signifies it’s a part of the 2011 debut author challenge, and if it’s in italics it means I never actually finished the book.

I picked up some FANTASTIC books this year.  Let’s rack up some stats.

Favorite Newly Discovered Series:  The Cassaforte Chronicles by V. Briceland, hands down.  Includes The Glass Maker’s Daughter, The Buccaneer’s Apprentice, The Nascenza Conspiracy

Favorite Newly Discovered Book:  Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken

Favorite Read of the Year: 
of 2010: Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta
of 2011: Exile by Anne Osterlund

That was a pretty awesome school year in terms of books, yes?  Now I can finally tackle my summer reading list!

As for the summer reads, I’m taking care of a few that I haven’t allowed myself to read this school year because of how big they are.  For example, the compilation of the Narnia books.

I think I’m going to do my summer reading a bit differently.  It will require Y’ALLS help! :)

So I was thinking…every Sunday when I finally get around to doing my In My Mailbox, the first two commenters would give me numbers between a given range.  Those would be the books I’d read that week!  The only exception to this would be when I had library books or an ARC tour book because those are under a time constraint. 

Just look for the number range in my IMM posts and be one of the first two to comment!

And no, I’m not letting you see the list of my summer reading.  Nice try. ;)

As for a goal for the summer, I don’t really have one.  I’ll just read as many as I see fit. :)