26 June 2011

In My Mailbox (44-50)

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Now, you have to admit that missing six straight weeks of IMM posts is pretty incredible?  And you can take that either positively or negatively.  You should probably lean towards negative because I was just plain lazy and since sloth is one of the seven deadly sins, I should be watching my back right about now.

School is out; summer is raging.  I’ve gotten more books read in the few weeks I’ve been out of school than I have all year.  (Don’t quote me on that, I just felt like saying it.)  But, ladies and gentlemen, you are officially looking at a senior.  No, don’t be alarmed!  We don’t bite.  The freshmen are the vampires.

So besides lazing about, getting some reading done and generally failing to organize my bookshelf in any aesthetically pleasing way, I do have a lot of books to share.  Take care that some have already been passed on and others have already been returned to the place from whence they came, but it’s my best.

Besides books that have already left my literary sanctuary, my birthday recently took place.  For said birthday, I asked for six books—two of which are already published, four that are preordered.  Those two that have been published have not come in yet.  I now fully understand the emotion behind “going postal”.  I will share those two books with you when they’ve arrived.

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2010-2011 Yearbook | Yearbook Staff  Figured this counts, though it isn’t fiction.  I really liked this year at school; made some really good friends.

1001 Things Every College Student Needs to Know | Harry H. Harrison Jr
  Besides being hilarious (and having a very alliterate name) it does have some good-sounding advice in here.  It’s fitting because I’ll be heading off to college in a year and I’m worried as heck about it.

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The Eyes of a King | Catherine Banner  I’ve already read and reviewed this (see review here) and it was so-so.  I’ve heard some great things about Banner’s work and I might just check out the sequel to this.

Raven’s Shadow | Patricia Briggs  Again, read and reviewed (review coming 6/29) and I absolutely loved it.  I am absolutely checking out the sequel, Raven’s Strike.  Briggs FTW.

DSC00357 copy

The Wizard Heir | Cinda Williams Chima  Read, reviewed (review coming 6/30).  This is the sequel to The Warrior Heir (see review here).  I really enjoyed the second installment in the Heir Chronicles.  So I also bought…

The Dragon Heir | Cinda Williams Chima  It’s a hardy looking book at 500 or so pages.  I’m thrilled to have found out a little while ago that there is also a sequel to this book—or there will be.  The Enchanter Heir is scheduled to release 2013—wow they’re really trying for mass killings, aren’t they, making everyone suspenseful like that.

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The Faerie Path | Frewin Jones & The Lost Queen | Frewin Jones I haven’t read this series in a while but I remember it being very good.  So I want to reread this book and make sure I get a review of it up.

DSC00360 copy

The Throne of Fire | Rick Riordan  I don’t remember if I ever put up that I’d bought this but oh well.  I’m covering all my bases here.  I love Rick Riordan’s work and I’m really looking forward to this sequel to The Red Pyramid (review here).

Ranger’s Apprentice: The Emperor of Nihon-Ja | John Flanagan  John Flanagan is one of my favorite authors from my tween years.  I think I picked up the first book Ruins of Gorlan when I was…eleven?  I own all the books (ranging editions, ugh) but I’ve only gotten up to book 8, The Kings of Clonmel.  John Flanagan is a master storyteller.  Can’t wait to start on this book.

Not Pictured: Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma, Warriors of the Cross (reprint) by T. R. Graves


what did you get in your mailbox?